The Sin Of Eating The Forbidden Fruit Separated The Body and Soul

The first sin (when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden) created a self-consciousness; the independent selfish ego was born, divorced from G-d’s will and intentions.

Adam and Eves’ “eyes were opened” and they became ashamed of their nakedness, because they experienced their bodies as a distinct entity and they sensed their sexuality as separate from their divine mission of goodness and kindness.

One human agenda was split into two: our materiel desires and our spiritual desires (whereas before it was only spiritual desires).

Since that moment our mission includes restoring harmony between body and soul.

  The above quote comes from Toward A Meaningful Life.

This is a very profound teaching for I read in Kabbalah that our entire purpose of life is to restore the sanctity of sexuality.

In other words, this is the recipe, to not see sexuality as what “I want” rather what God wants to bring unity, love, and joy to my partner.


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