How to see God

How we view God is perhaps one of the most important questions we will ever explore.

Our association to anything is based on our view of it.

If you view a stone with pleasure i.e. a diamond, you have one kind of relationship with it, but if you view it with contempt, perhaps a rusted nail, is a completely different relationship with it.

Often we view God erroneously, for the most a person can do is extrapolate from their perspective.

In fact there is a word for this called anthropomorphization.

People view God as a great human.

This is in fact the greatest contribution of Judaism / Abraham to the world, namely to not have any human association to God hence all images and human associations are expelled in the Jewish religion.

God I humbly posit can best be viewed in the hologram method.

In this hologram example we see how a single point of light can create a new 3D image.

I once went to an entire show based on holograms; so not only did it create an image but an entire incredibly real looking (in fact so real that only at the end of the show did we realize it wasn’t real) actor, with many scenes, such as a fire in the center of the stage etc. etc.

In other words, a single point of light with information on how to project itself, can create a world so real that the people inside wouldn’t even know that they were created, but assume they exist independently – if the light could conceal itself as the holographic show I went to.

The fundamental difference in this perspective is as follows: instead of seeing God above us we need to see him within us, and he is projecting the light in a circular radiance, hence the circular universe, the circular globe and our lack of knowledge of the source.

Incredibly as the Kabbalah teaches us, every single second this light is constantly being projected, for if not, there simply is no way anything could exist, move, etc. etc.

So in the final analysis, imagine God as a single point with infinite ability – to shine or not to shine, what to create and what not to create – and now remember that like a movie or the show I went to, each and every second, everything that is manifesting in front of our perception is being manifested for the sake of our perception, for an unimaginably profound purpose.

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