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In Conclusion

The bottom line is the following, the human animal is basically very noble, however is tested by instincts that are both narcissistic and selfish.

The height of evil is our pride, for when we feel slighted our ability to react evilly is heightened.

To overcome perceived fronts we need to quite simply do the following five things:

1. We must thank God for all our blessings every morning

2. We must trust that everything that happens is designed by the master programmer of reality, from the mosquito biting us, to someone shaming us – as King David said to his general Yoav who wanted to kill Shimy ben Geirah for cursing out the king, “leave him, for God told him to curse,” though God did not commanded Shimy to curse, nonetheless God orchestrates all events, so why get upset

3. Every night before we go to sleep we must truly forgive anyone for anything they may have harmed us – in this way we release the poison of resentment nightly

4. We must have a higher purpose to our lives – as the famous Chassidic teaching, empty vessels attracts mould – if we do not dedicate our heart, lives, minds and actions, to higher purposes we are by default inviting lower moldy bacterial viruses into our consciousness  – one need not look very far these days to see these viruses only too glad to infiltrate our consciousness, destroying our happiness and certainly our meaningfulness

5. We must realize that life consists of three basic stages: God’s desiring to elevate us; the process of refinement; and the messianic era after such time when we have refined ourselves; hence everything we do is not only of personal but global significance.

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