Life for me was quite confusing, like a blind man groping in the darkness, trying to find what he is looking for, bumping here, tripping there, until I bought a Garmen God Positioning System.

Here is how it works, surrounding planet earth is God (who is obviously also the very fabric of creation but that’s for another article) and hence God sees, through satellite technology, me and everything else. Now instead of bumping into the contours of confusion, getting stuck in the mires of fantasy, illusions and delusions; getting trapped in instinctual non-fulfilling pleasures I have turned on the G.P.S.!

In other articles we wrote how to turn on the G.P.S. but the point of this article is that the difference between driving with a G.P.S and without one are obvious to all, particularly considering the difference between a G.P.S. and no directions in the first place.

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