The truth is that everything but everything is designed, the first Jewish commandment is belief in God which entails that everything is designed by and executed by God, though God gives us the freedom to recognize this fact or not.

Stemming from this are seven principles that lead one to happiness:

a. As God is good, everything that happens is for the good, whether a spiritual or material benefit.

b. It is impossible to understand everything, for the design is taking place outside of our realm, like a parent telling a child what to do, hence the child can only listen, but never understand all of the parent’s motives.

c. Everything that happens is part of the universal plan leading towards the messianic era which is the entire purpose of creation.

d. Although we are not independently significant rather dependently significant, we are most significant, in other words, if God is the designer and manifesting reality he does so not out of need, rather out of choice, which means God chooses both you and me and everyone we see.

e. Life is a battle between our selfish and selfless side, our desire for instant gratification and our nobler desires such as peace unity harmony helping goodness and kindness.

f. God is good for we are all the gracious recipients of millions of blessings from our hands, feet, eyes, good weather, ability to have children, as Adam stated, Thank you God for creating a person in my likeness, to millions of other day to day benefits we fail to appreciate as they are “natural.”

g. The advice God gives us in the Bible etc. is for our benefit, in other words, to enable us to bring about the messianic era but there is not intrinsic need that he has from our goodness (as he is the independent Creator much like a person making a video game couldn’t really need anything from the figures within the game.)

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