The Program Of The Universe



The Program Of The UniverseImagine a computer programmer, he begins with the concept, perhaps he is designing Microsoft Word so the end result is foremost in his mind, but then he must break up the program into individual steps; perhaps he needs to design the platform, then the individual buttons, test the final product, release it to the users and then finally collect the payout, for people now are buying his product.


Similarly, God’s ultimate fantasy is the messianic age when all people plants trees animals and even inanimate water stones etc. will jointly unite, One World Under God, but for that to happen in the right way it necessitated human interaction, for it is easy to manifest a computer game that no one will play which will be perfect in the vision of the Creator, but to manifest a game that everyone will enjoy, takes the million upon millions of steps that have led to our present reality where the pursuit of the world is to find the inner truth behind the physical apparatus we are living in.

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