Miracles occur within nature

In other words, as we mentioned there are three kinds of miracles, nature, miracles and the ultimate revelation of God that is not limited in both miraculous behavior nor natural behavior, the combination of God within nature.

Now the only real thing we can speak of in terms of the very essence of the physical world we live in, is ironically not its physical properties for space without time cannot exist (as Einstein confirmed that which Kabbalah spoke about thousands of years ago that space and time are interlinked) hence the truth is, reality is at the most simple level soul i.e. you and I, living entities that can perceive and understand (not excluding the souls of vegetation and animals that are lower life forms and certainly in terms of comprehension ability – have you ever seen an animal go to university?) but what is most unique is the space time dimension which in reality boils down to a time dimension and time boils down to past present and future; in other words you can have a life / soul in a timeless world where all of the worlds information, all of experiences are there or perhaps none of it is there, but what is unique in our dimension is we learn sequentially. Starting out in childhood knowing nothing about the space time planet we are born into and then we continually learn (in fact studies show that most of what we will ever learn was learnt by the age two – tastes sounds language etc.) and hence it all boils down to us sequentially learning grasping understanding more and more of G-d’s infinity which is beyond time and space but allowing us a glimpse.

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