Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Wow just when we thought God couldn’t come up with more unimaginable extreme weather – from Tzunamis, flooding over mass tracts of land, from hurricanes never seen – we are experiencing a massive heat wave with literally record temperatures in all of American history which also is threatening the farmland – the bread baskets of America.

Amazingly as we blogged a few times, I read two weeks BEFORE  hurricane Katrina its exact prediction by the great Kabbalist Rabbi Kaduiri who explained this is happening in anticipation of the coming of the messiah for the Kabbalistic explanation hamtakas hadinim.

Now hamtakas hadinim means in simple English we must understand how grateful we should be when things are not tsunami, drought, hurricane or flooding i.e. when all is well and no news is good news for truly the balmy weather that planet earth provides (remember without the ozone layer it gets to hundreds and hundreds of degrees above and below Fahrenheit on the relative next door neighbor the moon during the day and night!)


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