The only three people we can become

This world and everything in it consists simply of three possible energies which each of us have the capacity to be, the lowest is evil, enjoyment over the degradation of other people – like the Arabs and Nazis and radicals both on the left and right who are obsessed with the others evil – are people who have unfortunately lost their own hearts and hence the only joy they can see in life (for the primary thing a man wants is joy, pleasure) is in the perverse degradation and lowering of their concocted enemies; (For the Nazis, all who are not like them; for the Arabs pretty much the same and both for the radical left and right also pretty much the same;) then there is the basic natural disposition of man which is a predilection towards staying away from fear – painful or shameful situations and approaching pleasure – things a person instinctually loves (sex, food, good music and even intelligence,) and pride, as well as friendship and even good character traits such as charity that make a person feel good.

But most significantly a person has the capacity to override their instincts and especially their evil God forbid, by choosing to follow, hence subjugating their desires) God’s ordinances / good advice by asking a spiritual mentor (particularly a Chassidic one, schooled in Jewish mysticism the essence of God’s knowledge given to man or a Rebbe of course) and in addition to constantly see the good in oneself, in others and in life.

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