The three kings and how to defeat your masters


Yes you are in a video game not ruled by one but three monarchs.


King number one, ego (“Who are you to tell me what to do!”)


King number two, instincts (“This I like this I hate, ‘cause this give me pleasure, and this gives me displeasure.”)


King number three, brain (“this is smart to do this is stupid to do.”)


The method to overcome our limitations, for anything a person has to do, i.e. protect their ego, have to eat that chocolate bar, and even feel intellectually obligated by some benefit, is ultimately not your independent free choice, which is the core ability we humans have:


An animal is regulated totally by its instincts (cows will chew coca leaves literally to the point of starvation as many instinctually led people do;) but by truly analyzing your life and choosing a virtuous path, filled with helping others, caring, sharing, making a difference – for ultimately we all want to be remembered positively – and by exercising your innate self-control over your mind, heart, and liver (thoughts, urges and ego respectively) you too can become one of the fondly regarded human saints that this world seems to have.

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