The 8th Dimension

There are numbers of unequivocal significance


Namely 6, 7, 8


6 represents our world, notice how it is like a person on the globe, living within the confines of reality, a life dictated by the instinctual needs, urges and desires.


7 is a holy realm, unfettered in reality, spiritual nirvana, shabbos tranquility was introduced on the seventh day.


And yet both 6 and 7 fail to reach the essence of God.


For the essence of God is:
Infinity symbolized by a sideways 8 ∞


Infinity as an 8 demonstrates, is two universes meeting in the middle, where both identities remain intact yet share common values.


8 is the messianic number .


There are countless 8 symbols from a 8 string Davidic harp that King David will play in the future to other symbols.


Most importantly in our era we can experience this 8 ∞ infinite union, for all you need to do is dedicate your life to God, to God’s values of kindness, compassion, love and harmony and hence your every day at the office becomes an 8, for you are marrying the highest and the lowest, a union which is the prime desire of the Creator who as He is infinite is stuck neither in 6, nor 7.

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