Has the Messiah Come?



The Lubavitcher Rebbe who was the Jew who most encouraged, most believed, most lived, breathed and campaigned most, for the coming of the Messiah, has unequivocally written in bold letters that the messiah has come?


If so, wonder I and others, what about the messianic dawn of a holy temple, of a return of Jews to the promised land, of world peace etc.


Well the same Lubavitcher Rebbe who said the messiah has come has continued to live breathe and campaign strongly for the coming of the messiah often in the same breath.


We must understand what the coming of the messiah is and we will then have a clear understanding of this anomaly.


Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi once remarked, “The messiah people are waiting for isn’t coming and the messiah that is coming people aren’t waiting for.”



What is the messiah people are waiting for and what is the messiah that is coming?


The messiah people are/were (then) waiting for was fundamentally one to take them out of their troubles.


The cute story is told of a great sage who praying for the messiah late at night having stayed over in a Jewish farmers abode on his travels, was surprised to see the farmer come in, in the middle of his heartrending pleas for the coming of the messiah. Was something wrong with the food? Asked the host. No said the sage. The bed, perhaps. No again said the sage.


Realizing that this man knew not of the messiah nor his reason for crying, decided to explain it to him in words palatable to his comprehension. You know the problem Jews have from Cossacks. Sure said the Jew recalling the murderous hordes who pillage plunder burn and destroy, maim and rape. Well one day a messiah will come and he will take us away from Poland and lead us to Israel the promised land. Excitedly the farmer rushed to tell his wife. Coming back in a few minutes, a bit more somber he sheepishly asked the sage if he could request of the messiah to take the Cossacks to Israel on his wife’s suggestion.


So the messiah taking us out of our troubles shant come (not that all troubles wont cease but for many they have no troubles now and yet the messiah hasn’t come.)


The messiah that everyone is waiting for that is coming, is simply the recognition that the messiah is already here.


For the messianic revelation is nothing more nor less than the comprehension that each and everything, yourself not only included but primarily, is the light of God.

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