All realities exist simultaneously

As I was walking down the road to come to my office to write this article I noticed a few things, homes, birds twittering, people walking, and of course myself perceiving.


Do all realities exist simultaneously?


What is reality?


Does my view of things differ drastically from yours? How about from a cats? How about from a dogs? How about from a snails? How about from the Creator himself?


To define reality one usually begins at the lowest but in fact this is impossible for that would be to decipher a puzzle without understanding the letters, numbers, and logic that creates the symbols comprising the puzzle.


Rather first and foremost one must understand the foundation, the prime cause, the real reason or as we call it the reason d’être, the purpose of its existence, and only then can we extrapolate in hindsight understanding the reality we witness.


For example an aviary is filled with many beautiful birds.


To walk into an aviary and to marvel at the birds is to actually miss the whole point.


As one great master said, “two people come to a pond in which they see the ripples emanating from a center going out in concentric circles, one begins by measuring the ripples to deduce when a stone was thrown in, while I,” said the master, “wonder who threw in the stone?!”


Behind matter must lie a reason d’être, of its existence.


Say we were privileged to finally find another planet that inhabited many buildings and we were to travel there and find no life, wouldn’t our first question be “who made it?” as apposed to the myriad details ad infinitum regarding the structure of the building etc.


This in fact was the fundamental conclusion leading Abraham to recognize that there must be a prime reason, a Creator, a conscious being who directs, controls, breaths the life-force of the universe, who fashioned it for a reason which we must decipher.


Born into the reality – like a player in a video game – we fail to ask the prime question, of why was it made?


Scientific endeavour categorizes, but never speculates to the unknown will of the Creator – the quintessential reason d’être of the universe, including your personal reason d’être, being part and parcel – in fact the main parcel and part of the universe.


The answer of course is given in Kabbalah that God desired a home, an abode, a mansion if you will within you.


What does this mean, a home is a place where one feels at home – the lowest realm is where one is not at home – think desert versus city. To create a city in a desert, well isn’t that something special.


And this my friend is the reason d’être of you, of all realities (that serve this purpose for in any video game you need to have background graphics, the very space where the dessert exists.)


So a life devoid of the Divine is the desert – the world that allows such a possibility is earth – and G-d’s palace is when you and I open our minds, our consciousness and mainly our hearts to the Divine.


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