One of the unique things about Jewish mysticism is, what I call spiritual science; in other words, many philosophies, religions, ideas are out there, but only one that actually works can be considered to be true. A faith that one needs to get to heaven to see if one was right or wrong can be well, a lifetime investment gone awry. Jewish mysticism quite simply says the following: There are meditations that when cogitated i.e. deeply contemplated, thought, and integrated as part of your belief system will change your life for the better. These meditations are first and foremost that everything is in essence God, for the entire universe is constantly being recreated – every second in fact – by God who refreshes if you would, every atom (as atoms pop in and out of existence) continuously. So what is more real, what we experience or the harddrive that gives us our experience. Furthermore by thanking God for continuous creation an exhilarating unity – as all is God – penetrates our consciousness, which gives us the inspiration to overcome lethargy and even sadness, ultimately beating our negative instincts (which come to the fore when we are down and looking for a quick high,) and hailing a universal era of peace and harmony for when we are happy we reach out, share, care, love and forgive.

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