What is the truth?

Nothing but the truth


Truth, it’s a funny thing…


How many versions are there of it???


Like a badly cut film, it has numerous copies, all similar to the original but somehow they just don’t keep you captivated.


Truth is so elusive because it cannot be discovered only through human intuition, though the closest to do so was, Abraham.


Truth is so elusive because it is entirely counterintuitive, i.e. the very sensors we use to discover it, conceal it.


But after my own lifelong search for the truth, being able to bridge many cultures, books, religions, theories, and most importantly having been brought up in Chabad Lubavitch where Jewish mysticism is taught from the youngest age I believe my access to the source material allows me an extra insight that others couldn’t have.


Jewish mysticism is as old as Abraham, the author of the foundational book of Kabbalah, Sefer Yetzirah, The Book Of Creation.


The truths written there are as valid then as they are now, and furthermore what I FIRST  learned in Jewish mysticism has merely been confirmed by every branch of science: physics, biology etc. and modern psychology (after many years of false theories) and practically in every new discovery I read I have already seen it from Jewish mysticism.


So what is the truth?


Like any essential item it is infinite.


We will always continuously discover the truth.


However there are three pillars upon which all visible reality rests on:


In the words of Sefer Yetzirah: Olam / Space, Shanah / Time, and Nefesh / Soul.


These four entities (you will soon see why I write four) as God who is indefinable, the very essence of the previous realities, but not limited to them in any way shape or form, much like a computer programmer can program an entire video game replete with worlds (in a time sequence which the player experiences) “soul,” and yet is in no way limited to his creation, hence I write four entities.


But the universe we live in has three entities, namely a time space continuum, in which souls/perceptions that are living exist.


Obviously what is is nothing relative to why it is.


Here to Jewish mysticism comes along with three basic reasons:


The first is, there is no human understandable logic, rather the Creator so desired to unite the highest namely his essence, within you and your fellow humans, a process begun at creation and culminating in the messianic age.


A process whereby humanity learned to see beyond the material to the life-force within, beyond what you see to the truth, beyond experience – sensation – intuition, to objective reality both based on logic and revelation.


Secondly, God in his kindness needed you; for it is the nature of a giver to give, and hence needs you and your fellow humans to bestow his love.


And lastly in order for us to experience the bliss of harmony, as apposed to ego, a process which also began with Kain killing Able, and culminating in our new consciousness of democracy, to only ever expand infinitely.

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