Who is driving your car?

Who is driving your car?


Have you ever been in a car that has two steering wheels.


I have, when I was learning how to drive.


My mother kindly sponsored my driving lessons – thanks BTW – and the other side of the front dashboard had a second steering wheel and a pedal that would override my pedals.


Now what if his pedal and my pedal worked at the same time, could you imagine the schizophrenia of tires screeching, squealing and kvetching about the different directions they are heading?!


We are all a vehicle for our souls expression, our thoughts speech and actions are one hundred percent based on what we desire which CUASES what we think about, say and do (“the legs go where the heart desire them to go” the Talmud.)


Now unfortunately for us we really do have two souls, two steering wheels pushing our thoughts (primarily) hence speech and actions in different directions.

The first thoughts come from our animal / vital / instinct’s soul that like an animal basically is attracted to and recoils from pain and pleasure respectively.


The other soul is who we really are, what we really want, you know world peace, harmony and end to terrorism and a messianic blissful universe for all.


The problem is that it all depends who is pushing the pedal harder. Think about it, if my driving teacher has the override button I can be in the front seat but he can be driving.


Similarly if we do not truly cogitate, meditate, integrate, assimilate, contemplate, integrate and passionately focus on our spiritual goals than our instinctive side which was the predominate side of who we were for the first six years or so in our lives has the override pedal.

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