Super-consciousness vs. Sensory-consciousness

Super-consciousness vs. Sensory-consciousness

Super-consciousness is the awareness of truth; truth is that G-d is always in charge.

Sensory-consciousness is the consciousness of the senses.

Sensory consciousness is simple; like a robot programmed with sight, sound, smell, touch and taste – this robot then would feel good or bad, prideful or shameful based on what it sees, hears, tastes, smells and touches.

The problem with sensory-consciousness is in its lack of ability to do what is good – sensory-consciousness has no moral backbone and is exactly like an animal; With pride and shame attached to it.

This is why it is fundamental for us to get into super-consciousness for then we act with morality which leads to harmony which leads to unity which ushers in the messianic utopia.

Here’s how:

To enter into super-consciousness one must simple say whenever possible, “There Is Nothing Besides You.”

In other words, everything is constantly – like a movie being played from a DVD – simply projected from the heart and soul of G-d.

We are all the characters in G-d’s movie (freedom of choice is for another article;) and we simply are in the time-frame right before the complete and total messianic revelation – and given the opportunity to do more goodness and kindness to hasten his speedy arrival.


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