For Israel not to attack eliminate and exterminate the Nazis on her doorstep is for her to G-d forbid allow another Holocaust.

“Oh the guy is cracked.”

Einstein said “I do not know what world war three will be fought with, but I do know that world war four will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Einstein campaigned his whole life to rein in weapons of mass destruction – unsuccessfuly.
They say even some Jews voted for Hilter i.e. the elections that brought him into power as they thought he would be good for the economy.
No one, NO ONE believed that Hitler was really serious – his therios were so outlandish, so outrageous, so counterproductive, so death loving, that no normal productive life loving person would even consider them to be true.
In “The Tyranny of Malice” Proffesor Dr. Burke explains that jelousy is the cuase of rage which cuases the desire to destroy good people.
This is a historical, psychological, physiological fact.
For Israel not to attack eliminate and exterminate the Nazis on her doorstep is for her to G-d forbid alloow another Holocaust.

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