What is the solution to the “Mid-east peace crises?”

What is the solution to the “Mid-east peace crises?”

If I were to ask you – there is a guy who has a four thousand year history of raping pillaging murdering slave-trading and he is claiming the back section of your home as his, I think you should give it to him to maintain peaceful relations – to not be called an occupier, would you do it?

Why is Israel willing to give half her country to exactly such people, namely Arabs?

The answer is simple; if something that a normal person wouldn’t do is done by a person we call that personal abnormal.

However just calling someone abnormal doesn’t solve the problem.

Psychiatrists and psychologists spend decades deciding if the said person has a genetic or psychological issue.

Once you understand why there is the abnormality much as once you understand the symptoms of a physical ailment you can correct the abnormal manifestation.

The symptoms of a person willing to allow a mass murderer to be his neighbor is simple, low self-esteem.

A child has this problem, whereby they will listen to any adult despite the fact the guy who is offering them sweets may be a mass murderer for they feel obligated to listen to adults.

We the Jewish people are a proud people – proud of a four thousand year history of goodness and kindness, a history that brought morality, science, technology to the world.

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