The ultimate goal – the finite becoming infinite

The ultimate goal – the finite becoming infinite

What is a greater achievement, that the infinite shall create finite (G-d creating man,) or that the finite shall integrate i.e. climb / reach / become infinite (man becoming G-d.)

Obviously it is a far greater achievement for man to become G-d, than for G-d the infinite to become finite which is part and parcel of infinite abilities namely the ability to also become finite.

But for man to become G-d there is an even greater jump for then man must jump out of who he or she is, to allow the infinite to shine in, through, and become him or her.

For example what is harder, to take electricity from a nuclear power plant and restrict it to 220 or 110 volts so it is useable, or to take 220 or 110 volts and have it become the nuclear power plant.

So how does one achieve this ultimate goal of finite merging with the infinite Creator?

The answer is very very simple yet as mentioned the hardest thing in the world to achieve!

Because the truth is that we really are infinity concealed (for if we weren’t from infinity the source of everything we simply wouldn’t be) therefore the technique to reveal the infinity is simply to remove the finite.

So if the 220 or 110 volts knew how to remove its definition, then the nuclear plant would be who it was, as it loses its first identity and automatically becomes the source identity.

When man completely gives over his desires will and actions to G-d then he loses his own identity and G-d fulfils his greatest dream namely that through the bittul /self surrendering of the finite, the infinite becomes revealed through him.

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