Whom are greater – children or adults today

My morning inspiration with Rabbi Kesselman

This morning Rabbi Kesselman, Mashpia in Johannesburg shared the following revelation to me which was highly inspirational.

Children today are wont to say, “I don’t care.”

In other words, once upon a time one needed to justify their behavior but now a perception that I need not justify my behavior – for I do not feel ashamed by your intolerance has manifested.

There can be two reasons for this

The first is that children are barbarians, insolent and low souls

I think the opposite is true, I humbly posit that based on the teachings of the Rebbe we – the older generation – are souls of zera behiama unfeeling, insensitive, barbarians who are heavily concerned with our self image, as such we need to justify ourselves to everyone while the children in the era preceding Moshiach are similar to the children who left Egypt who were on a much more spiritual level than their parents called zera adam (soul of atzilus) which innately know feel and sense the truth.

It is for this reason they need not justify their behavior and as Rabbi Simon Jacobson brings from the Rebbe in Towards a Meaningful Life “more than we can teach these children we can learn from them.”

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