What is more important thought or action?

There was a debate for three years in the ancient Talmudic academies that formulated Jewish law into the Talmud, on a similar question

What is more important Torah study or Mitvos – the practical performance of the good deeds in the Torah?

They concluded – remember this is after the greatest minds analyzed it in every possible angle over three years – Torah study is greater for it leads one to the performance of Mitzvos!

Haven’t they really just said the same thing?

In other words, if Torah study is greater because it leads one to Mitzvos I still don’t know which one is greater?

No! We actually do know which one is greater, Torah study! Why? Because it leads one to the performance of Mitzvos.

So if I do not study Torah I won’t be able to fulfill the Torah.

The same is true regarding thoughts and actions.

Although of course the main thing is to do good deeds, actions; nonetheless without thinking things through, I am merely reacting to life! I am not doing good actions! hence I say, that thought must precede action.

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