How To Become One With God

In today’s Hayom Yom from Day To Day the following is stated:

An emissary is one with his sender. This concept is similar to that of an angel acting as a Divine emissary, when he is actually called by G-d’s name. If this is so with an angel it is certainly true of the soul; in fact with the soul the quality of this oneness is of a higher order, as explained elsewhere.

The entire Tanya in fact teaches this point.

How is it possible for you and G-d to be one when you do a good deed?

The answer is G-d and you are always one, it is only from the perspective of the viewer that two things exist, however from the perspective of G-d there is only one thing.

For example looking at  a computer we see  two distinct entitles, the screen and the hardrive; however from the perspective of the hardrive one cannot differentiate between the information that is within the hardrive and the information on the screen. Albeit a projection, nonetheless it is only the information on the hardrive being projected.

However although this is true nonetheless one can say there is difference between what G-d desires and what he allows us for the sake of freely learning to choose the correct thing to do.

If I hit someone G-d does not desire that I should be a person who hits someone. However when I help someone G-d does desire that I should be such a person.

Now what is a person if not their desires, hence by actively doing goodness and kindness I then am G-d.

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