Merging the infinite into your life

Merging the infinite into your life


G-d is infinite, we are finite.

G-d can be compared to a computer that has an infinite storage capacity and consciousness to do whatever it wants to do.

We can be compared to a little player in a video game whose world is set, whose speed abilities challenges are all set by the hardrive of the computer.

Obviously everything desires to break free of his or her, or its, limitations.

We desire to merge the infinite into our finite limitations.

There is simply nothing easier if you know how.

Here is how one accesses the hardrive and eliminates the limitations placed by the software installed, and recreates an infinitely good world!

A. The first and foremost is that we must break out of the matrix – as long as we think we are limited (like in the movie) we become limited.

B. The method to breaking out of the matrix is to have the meditation, “There is nothing besides you” – Everything is really atoms, atoms are really G-d’s energy.

C. The third thing is to meditate how much goodness G-d has already done for you – think how you were formed out of a smelly putrid invisible DNA that merged with your mothers egg which miraculously in nine months created you. Furthermore your parents were supported through G-d’s blessing, enabling them to feed clothe shelter you and till this very day every morsel of food you eat, every piece of clothing you wear, wherever you sleep and whatever income you have, was given gracefully by G-d to care for you. Furthermore G-d gave us the Bible and Jewish mysticism and Jewish mystics like Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn to inspire us, to reveal our souls potential – to create unity and harmony in the world. The world used to be run by totalitarian autocrats and though things aint perfect yet, our freedoms are infinitely greater than ever before, our healthcare is infinitely greater than ever before (in fact if you are over forty you have well passed the benchmark of the average age one hundred years ago and if you go back to Roman times you are living into a ripe old age) the list of these blessings should inspire you to see how G-d has already cared for you which leads to trust that you are totally cared for by G-d.

D. Although the above three methods will have the infinite merge into your life, there are a few more techniques that I will give you though these are just some of the other techniques.

Think that G-d will help you. The story is told of people who were literally on deaths door and mystics told them to Think Positively and Positivity will emerge. Our thoughts change reality – if we can mange to think positively despite the fear in our hearts.

E. Write to rebbe@ohel.org this is the gravesite of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn the Moses of our generation and there are countless stories (many which I personally witnessed) of immediate results.

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