Within us we have two souls

Within us we have two souls

An animal soul

A part of G-d – which as our mystics teach us – Etzem Cshe-atah Tofes Bimiktzoso Ateh Tofes Bikoilo, something that is indivisible when you have grasped it (i.e. even a part of it, so lets say 2+2=4,) you have grasped all of it; (in other words, even a child’s simplistic understanding of 2+2=4 is the whole essence of 2+2=4.)

In life we have a third soul, the arbitrator between which two dominant personalities within us we will choose.

If we choose to reveal the G-d within us i.e. become giving, kind, compassionate, loving, gentle, people, than that is who we actually become.

If on the other hand we choose to allow our instincts for pleasure and fears, to dominate us, than that is who we have become.

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