Bad – Anger Good – G-d

I was thinking to myself – one of the things I do – I would love to have a summary of right and wrong. You know, today when society’s right and wrong is simply do not disturb your fellow man, we really need to understand real right and wrong in order for us to be good and not bad.

The bottom line I came up with is bad / wrong is anger and Good / Right is G-d.

What do I mean by this?

You see, anger is caused by ego. How dare you do that to me?!!! If you were truly humble, say a great king came and insulted you, because you believe he is so beyond your realm, you would not get angry, perhaps you would feel shame.

If we ever ever ever get angry, we should know that we are in the wrong.

The antidote to anger and why this is what is good and right is G-d. The primary book of Jewish mysticism called the Bible of Chassidus, the Tanya explains this as follows.

When we get angry (which the classical sages of Judaism compare to worshiping an idol) it is because we have lost our faith. When we realize that no man can do anything if G-d does not want him or her to do it (and though the person may have made an evil choice for which he or she will be punished by God nonetheless the very fact, this or that happened to you, is only out of G-d’s expressed desire for whatever reason. For example Shimmi Ben Geirah the Supreme Court Justice cursed with a whole string of curses King David who was forced to leave his capital Jerusalem due to the coup, his son Avshalom obviously supported by Shimmi Ben Geirah concocted. David’s general Yoav said “let me kill him.” “No, do not kill him, for it is God who has told him to curse me.” In other words, though of course God wouldn’t tell anyone to curse his most trusted servant David nonetheless David realized – and the Tanya explains – that the very words emanating out of Shimmy’s mouth couldn’t even exist if not for the fact that G-d was creating those words this very second. (For no reality exists outside of G-d’s continuous creation of it.)

If we truly believe in G-d and we all really do – we just sometimes forget – we should understand that there is no word, no action, no thought, and certainly, certainly, certainly! no consequence, that is not in our spiritual soul interest (which often needs refining, the sole purpose of us living on earth) or quite simply personal benefit.

For example they say that thousands of people were fired the Friday before nine eleven. “Your fired.” Those are the worst words in the world. And yet those words emanating from G-d himself saved your life on Monday.

While we never really understand Gods plan unless someone with prophetic insight like the prophets of old or the Rebbes in our time explain it to us, nonetheless let us strive to be real believers, hence tranquil people.

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