Who does the antisemite hate the most – himself!

What I have come to realize is that basically a person who was not loved hates a person who was.

This is the heart of antisemitism, jealously over the self-happiness a person who loves themselves – because they received love – feels.

This is why currently in America there is little antisemitism for unlike the olden days or like in Germany where people bring their kids up harshly, Americans in general have a more open dignified approach to fellow man.

The same is true in our lives – being attacked by someone is never for the wrong we do, for no good person would attack, denigrate, humiliate another, rather the force of envy creates a desire TO DESTROY THE OTHERS HAPPINESS; (obviously subconscious, as the Rebbe Rashab writes in Heichaltzu, that, first the person gets jelous, then his or her mind comes up with reasons to justify the jelous hatred in order to act on it, for no man considers, or allows themselves to consider themselves as evil.)

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