The times we live in

The times we live in

What is unique about the times we live in is that as we are about to enter into consummate union with G-d Himself – consummate union with G-d himself is uniquely available to those who choose it

In other words the Jewish people have gone through three historical periods

The first was the exile in Egypt, perhaps the darkest – at least in term of oppression – period in our history

The second is the redemption from Egypt, which is a slow process of Divine Unity in a consummate manner – i.e. absolute unity – in man on earth

The third is the consummate union in the upcoming messianic age

However the Rebbe who understood how soon this age is and how much the forces of evil desire to prevent it through distracting us in the stupidities of the internet, movies, television etc. (not to say they do not have the ability to disseminate good as well,) is telling us unequivocally that we can live a completely unified G-dly existence, not only free from worry but with the help of the gentiles, now.

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