The Messiah of our Generation

Every generation has an extraordinary leader

Professor Sofer a mathematician living in Hobart Tasmania began to take an interest in his roots, and so he opened the Tanach (Prophets) and he realized that in every generation G-d sends a prophet to inspire his people. He thus sent a mind message to the prophet of the generation that he would like communication. Less then two weeks later he sees a most unusual sight in Hobart, two chassidic looking Jews walking aimlessly down the streets. He approached them – can I help you, Why are you in Hobart? “Well we suddenly received an inexplicable message from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in New York, to travel to Hobart, but to be honest we are not sure why.”

Professor Sofer spent many long hours in conversation and now he too sports a beautiful Lubavitch beard and has inspired tens of thousands of Jews on the beauty of Judaism.

Of course in our generation this is non other than the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who is best known for his impassionate encouragement of those Jews schooled in their heritage to share it with those who due to circumstance, particularly following the holocaust, were not provided that precious gift.

However the mission of our generation – the Rebbe – passionately once again declared has ended, and there is now a new mission, namely to bring about the coming of the messiah.

This is done primarily in two ways – the first is obviously not to leave the previous mission (one of the most important ideas I ever heard was the word “And;” in other words, people often mistaken a new concept with “or!” rather we need to look at life with the word “And!,”) so currently the good deeds we do should be with the intent that they will bring the actual coming of the Messiah.

However we must also realize that the messiah is not a distant dream, utopian fantasy, wishful thought, rather our sages teach us that the messiah exists in every generation for there is always one who through his righteousness and as a descendent of David will be the individual whom G-d will designate as the Moshiach when the time comes for his revelation.

In other words, the messiah is right here on planet earth, and not only that, we have seen the miraculous exodus of Jews from Russia, and in fact the general destruction of the communist ideology and its demise and a new world order of peace, which is one of the prerequisites of the messiah as the Rambam who codifies these prerequisites states: 1.being a descendent from the House of David (which by the way the Rebbe was,) 2.someone well versed in Judaism, 3.someone who encourages Jews to return to Judaism and finally, 4.someone who fights the wars of G-d successfully, which doesn’t mean physical rather the ultimate victory is when your enemy learns to love and be peaceful which is exactly what the Rebbe managed to accomplish.

Soon soon the Rebbe and all the great prophets of the past including the previous Rebbe and all the other Rebbes will arise from the grave, and bring about the culmination of the messianic prophecies, namely the return of all Jews to Israel, the rebuilding of the third temple, and usher in the era where in the Rambam’s words the goal of mankind will be spirituality, “And the world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d, as waters cover the seafloor.”

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