Getting behind the steering wheel of your life

Yesterday I read an amazing thing in Jewish mysticism

If I asked you, what is the most potent part of your personality, you might say your opinions, perhaps even your emotions, but there is another far more potent part which in fact creates both your opinions and your dispositions namely your desire.

Without getting into all the details, your desires have the ability to create rationales leading to emotions, for example if you desire to love someone you will see no issue in them, and if G-d forbid you desire to take revenge on someone, you will see no redeeming qualities.

Now the point of this little article is that as our desires are so powerful we need to understand that we have two primary desires within us (ever notice?) namely the animal soul (instincts,) and G-dly soul (unconditional love etc.)

Now imagine driving a car where both front wheels had different steering wheels steering them, so one would try to go in its direction, while the other in another.

Interestingly enough, this actually happens in Siamese twins whereby the two learn how to compromise, to share, as two heads are driving one car.

As we are one person luckily both wheels can be going in the same direction if we create as our primary desire to do good through listening to a Mashpia (spiritual Chassidic Rabbinical mentor) and following the good Lords advice i.e. installing a God Positioning System.

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