Can we really be good without God?

Can we really be good without God?

The greatest question in modern western thinking is the above – whether it is expressed as this or not this is the ultimate question.

Religious people would say no; while non religious good people would say, one need not a God to tell me the obvoius.

Today I realized why the religious people are right and the very belief that one needs not a God is part of the problem not a rational conclusion.

But lets precede with a new question

Can man be objective?

Today I studied in Jewish mysticism that no person has the ability – not the possibility but ability to be objective – for the simple reason that Ratzon maatteh es hasechel our opions are based on our desire.

Say I wanted to sell you something, would I be lying if I told you how good the product is if I truly believed it was good? Obviously not however it is also fair to say that if I didn’t have the need to sell you the product I wouldn’t even care about how good or not good it is. So specifically as I have the need to sell you the product therefore I see only the good in it and conversely if I had the need to rid myself of the very same product say it was a financial liability I would use all arguments in favor of getting rid of it to myself although it is the very same product and I would honestly believe the truth in both cases.

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