The Truth

What’s the truth? In order to understand the truth one must approach life inside out, not outside in.

In other words, imagine you came to an alien planet, and there you saw people that looked like us etc. etc., you still would never know the truth, because all you see is merely what you see hear i.e. sense; you do not know the truth.

Perception is made via the sensory organs, but has nothing to do with truth.

Reality is not a perception; while perception is merely the perception entering one person via/through senses and hence it is of necessity limited to the information that the senses can provide, which is the outermost layer.

You do not have x-ray vision, you have a very small range of sounds and smells you can perceive, so all you really perceive is the thinnest layer of reality, namely the light which bounces off the people, places and things available for your eye to see, and the same is with hearing, feeling, smelling etc.

Truth can only be defined via. the Creator of reality, for of course He knows what the inside – the true reality – of everything is.

Kabbalah teaches us that whatever is higher falls lower; so if you had a ten story building that fell over, the highest story would fall furthest from the base of the tower.

Similarly the physical reality that we engage in contains the essence of G-d himself.

It is for this reason Kabbalah teaches us that G-d desires that we build him a home on earth, for earth is closer to G-d than heaven (refractions of light) is.

Now this home could have been built in two manners, the first is simply G-d could have revealed to us the said truth and hence we would be like Adam frolicking in the Garden of Eden which was such a reality, but then we would lose the true pleasure in life, namely the pleasure ones gets from pride in one’s positive achievements – the greatest pleasure there is!

In order for us to truly appreciate this light, i.e. the infinite light of G-d that will emerge out of earth when G-d reveals it in the messianic age, it was necessary for G-d to allow us a part in the infusment of Divinity into the materiel world.

So G-d chose the Jewish people and gave them 613 commandments. He then created a vast majority of gentiles in the world whom a Jew feels is a similar creature (as he or she doesn’t feel chosen,) and in this paradigm the Jew has an awfully difficult choice, namely to be unique, special, G-dly, or be like everyone else following instinctual patterns, thought processes; blending in, not sticking out.

What happens when you do a Commandment Mitzvah Good deed of the Bible / Torah?

When you fulfill one of G-d’s desires then G-d infuses within the materiel atoms say the physical Teffilin or Kosher food, the table you are using to share bread with others, the hand that gives charity and the coin used for charity an infinite level of his light precisely in reaction to the challenge you have overcome in being be unique, special, G-dly!

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