God is not in the business of making miracles, he is exclusively in the business of getting us to become better

Men seek audiences, women seek love, children seek to grow up, old people seek to be children

Right and wrong

Right and wrong



Adherence to your Mashpia / Rabbi



Ignoring accountability to God

The truth is Obama is not that far off previous administrations with Israel, it’s only, he is to rash to have the intelligence to be able to conceal the fact that U.S. foreign policy has always been to appease Arab oil .

When we see the lies the Arabs say pretending to be the victims when they have invested all their time money effort, lives, just to destroy Israel, one thing is clear, those who lived with the Arabs have a saying, never trust an Arab twenty years in the grave, the truth is, they have thousands of years of pathological lying, they are the greatest experts at lying and we in the west who have no experience with this insane bunch of liars treat them as civilized

From the billions of dollars, perhaps even hundreds of billions, the literally millions, if not hundreds of millions of hours, those who hate love devise schemes to destroy it, we can understand, how a single moment of love, is worth more than all of the above!

Our problem is that we have moral ambiguity, allowing for the insane notion that gay people somehow are marriage partners, naked people are stars, moneyed people are heroes, mafia gangsters cool and the list goes on and on; so let’s settle the debate in the most simple, not the loftiest, but very least definition of morality, enshrined in all three major monotheistic faiths:”do onto others as you would have them do to you and don’t do onto others as you wish for them not to do onto you;” and in plain simple clear English, When you are kind you are moral, when you are cruel, no matter your justification, you are immoral


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