The only thing we can know with absolute certainty, is, that any intelligent person knows, we know nothing with absolute certainty

There ain’t no “us and them;” though there are people who think there is “us and them”

Our mistake is searching for God as God is searching for you

Oh Jerusalem



If God were in a stone


If stones had a voice


If cobblestones had history


Oh Jerusalem

Reality is the tiny window

Today was one of the best in my life

After more than twenty years I returned to my homeland – Israel!

To walk the path of my ancestors, Abraham, Isaac – of Jews over the past four thousand years – to pray where millions once sacrificed daily – to enjoy where millions do today – to see the city where people care – where souls feel! – to realize, I am home; is to understand, that all along – through thousands of years of hell, heaven awaited!

Generally speaking, our purpose is to go beyond our instinctual desires to fulfil the Divine desire of helping others, but certainly, where, what, when and how that should be done, may and will constantly fluctuate.


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