“What else?” All of life is in these two words, for the challenge of life is: Ask not, what else physical, can my body get, to feel another bit of pleasure? Rather, what else can I do, so my life is not another biological instinctual temporary program?!

Which is worse to speak ill or to think ill?

Invariably we confuse what is a step up and a step down.

Life is the ultimate journey, from insanity, I – to sanity, God.

Do you think the person who rapes, abuses, often their own, think that they are evil? – do you think that hitler, nazis, who exterminated with barbaric savagery millions upon millions innocent people, did? – do you think Arabs who savagely mutilate, torture one another, do?! – do you think you and I are immune?

Our job is not to make the world better, but let God use us.

Simply speaking, according to Kabbalah, we are either in the state of love – namely, we love; when we love, we see no evil, hear no evil (a bit dangerously naïve) or we are in the state of fear (anxiety, stress, worry – all the same descriptions of the emotion called fear) When in the state of fear, we are focused on preventing that which we fear – now obviously it is pleasurable to be in the state of love (for love is synonymous with hope (of achieving your desire and hope feels positive)) and fear is synonymous with pain, for not only are you not in a state of pleasure but literally the body contracts (the brain and many organs become constricted in the anxious attempt for self-preservation) now another side-effect of fear is of course jealousy, for we by nature are jealous, hence what greater jealousy can there be then jealousy over happiness (which is why antisemites, evil, terrorism, bullying, all come from people who themselves are angry / resentful that they feel this negative state, hence are jealous of those who feel positive; which is why it, primarily, as we see in Obama’s case (radicals are the latter group) they are constantly demeaning, which is a tactic of oppressing the other person’s heart and trying to make them also fearful, anxious, stressed (for once we get attacked, we fear recurrence) so now we understand, the state of love is naive (and dangerous, certainly in a world where there are bullying, terrorists, antisemites etc.) but the state of fear is far worse (for then you become one of them – for the psychological reality is the same to all) hence as Kabbalah famously teaches, there is third way, which most succinctly is summed up in the holy teaching of the Baal Shem Tov “Fear nothing nor anyone – through having absolute trust in your loving God – Love everyone unconditionally (in other words, if we find ourselves being judgmental, this is in fact, not because we care for the other’s morality, rather the opposite is true, we are jealous of their happiness.”)


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