In other words, we have a choice between the most perfect sanity, love and unity or the oppisite

The physical universe is a mixture. It is a meeting-place where G-d meets together (as it were) with man, the select of all creatures; yet it is also ginat egoz,1 “a garden of nuts,” the word egoz having the numerical equivalent of cheit, “sin.” G-d gives man the capacity to choose freely, that man may choose for himself a path in life.

The thing with our mind is, that it is usually in one of three states: 1. The state of illusions/delusions 2. The state of panic/fear, which has a snowball/avalanche effect (so instead of illusions / hope, people become paranoid – paralyzed) 3. The ability to let go of our mind

So heartening to see the great moral voice Europe has found, not in caring for anyone, but in continuing their proud millenia tradition of anti-Semitism

`Let no man tell you – only God – who you are – and God says, you mirror 

Far away in a land long forgotten lived a man

The more love you give, the more love you get (the only unfortunate exception, is; in the case of a person who erroniously considers themselves superior, for example, even if an ant loved you, you wouldn’t care; which is why great evil comes from, like then nazis – the dictator of north korea etc. – people who see others as inferior)


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