This Shabbos around the Synagogue luncheon we had a discussion about the meaning of life – in my little Dvar Torah – Torah teaching – I repeated the Rebbe’s teaching, that we feel aimless, because we are torn asunder – shattered by the myriad instinctual pulls – lacking a single unified purpose, we, today are into sports, tomorrow into dieting, the next day into yoga, the next into meditation, and the list is endless – we need to cut our ties to all the instinctual impulses, the grandiose delusions of our society and self, and focus on a singular all-encompassing purpose to our lives – well one smart-alec piped up “like saving the whales;” As if! –but an elderly wise grandmother then explained: “to the whales, saving them, is very purposeful” – and the point of this point, is this point – that yes, each and every one of us cherish our own existence – our tendency, as we are born without a functioning mind independent of our instincts, hence in childhood all is as it relates to me, is to see the existence of all else in my worldview, which means “how does it affect my world,” but what if we inverted that and asked instead – “how do I affect the world?” – not the whole world, but every individual rock, plant, animal and of course most importantly person’s world.

hold onto the unfair abuse you received, hold onto to the abusers wish, of annihilating your happiness through your anger over the injustice

don’t live and learn, live and grow


live and learn means: you are you and you add to you knowledge with time


live and grow means: to become who you can be, you must grow


to grow there is a three stage process: the kernel (in the Divine mode, the vision of your growth, like the seed contains the embryonic tree.)


the second is the disassociation, the death (like the seed must first dissolve before the new tree will take root and begin)


and then the result


and as God is infinite, similarly, you can always shed your past for a better growth

true who hurt you was evil, however is God not just and kind?! so we must say, that ultimately, like a seed that must shed its outer core to develop into a tree…

the light is conscious choice of assistance, the darkness is everything else, though its shades may vary

What a joke, the state that has sponsored the most antisemitism, the most terrorism, now that it itself is in danger of losing its power Saidia-Arabia, suddenly has become the clarion call for jihad against jihad – it seems the satan they so heavily invested in against the Jews may be a demon that will cause their own downfall – and as usual, Obama seems very clear, that when it comes to Israel, he sees no reason for defense and likewise when it comes to allowing terrorists

are you a human death-eater or ange



yep those are our options, more like stages


we begin life like a human, you know those really cute warm cuddly things called children – we see the world as a reflection of the love and security we received at home, hence we are in love with everyone (this is how it hopefully should be)


then we encounter vicious dogs – being bitten by those suffering from low self-esteem called bullies, maliciously targeted, our love turns both to fear and anger, our anger turns both to hate and jealousy, for hate is the opposite of love – as love is a positive feeling, so is hate a negative feeling – so if you hate one person, eventually you become a death-eater – for as J.K. Rowling describes it, the job of the death-eater is to suck out all hope and happiness from others – you sees the person who has hate feels terrible, hence s/he becomes jealous of those who have love – this is why there is random cruelty in our world – for there is no other logical explanation why a bully or antisemite should exist


but ironically I believe, it is necessary to become an angel, for though being a death-eater is negative, ironically it is the flipside of being a human; for though the human may be loving, but that love was not a conscious choice – the child doesn’t think consciously – true our inner soul is Divine love – yet our outer consciousness is not – hence our feelings of love are more about “my emotional reaction” than my conscious choice – as this was not a conscious choice, so therefore it is precisely the same person, who first loved who becomes angry, then jealous of others love, then a death-eater ( whereas children who God-forbid never received love, as in Russian orphanages, actually simply disassociate, and not only don’t love people, they don’t hate them either – like autistic children, they have no language in common with people, for they have no reaction to them)


So to become an angel, you first need to lose you human status, which is composite of both the potential for love and the potential for hate – once you realize, you are equally as capable of being constructive as destructive, you can abhor such a identity; and as God told the first spiritual seeker Abraham: “if you wish to grow, you must shed your identities of the past, who you role modeled after (which of course is a subconscious process) your culture, as well as your very instincts!” – and as Chassidus explains even your positive ones! for as long as you are running on instinct, you are not conscious; and as long as you are not conscious, your negative instincts can simply turn you from fuzzy to evil


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