Who is worse Hamas or the plo/fatah? – obviously the plo! for the plo busy smears Israel, while it falsifies its desire for peace! (they founded terrorism, continue to teach, support etc. – in fact, as we know, even pay hamas salaries) at least hamas, one can easily target – this is the most important lesson of today! – for today, our issues are not black and white; they are understanding which grey-lines are black, and which grey lines are white – in an age of political-correctness, one must discern; does this thing create a more dignified God-abiding society?! – for inevitably, the grey which is black seeks the breakdown of loving-kindness (and wonder not how that can be? for that is exactly what terrorism is all about – to instill fear instead of love etc. etc.)

A poison stronger than resentment, has yet

If we think about it, as Kabbalah teaches: God made inverted realities – for example, fear is the opposite of love; for love is the attainment of what I desire, fear is the desire to not attain what I fear! – Pleasure is an escape from the mundane, purpose is to transform the mundane into something pleasurably spiritual – A woman seeks a home, a man seeks to make his mark outside the home! God is both beyond, but wishes to be invited within! For ultimately, it is the balance in which all positive can endure

It is my humble opinion, that if you have money you should immediately invest whatever you can outside of the U.S> (and preferably all) stocks – Preferably in Israel, where God’s eyes are on it, from the beginning to the end, from now, forever! (in fact, when the Reichman’s were in search of a blessing for their expansion, the Rebbe said to invest in Israel – unfortunately, they didn’t listen and their empire collapsed)

The only thing new under the sun (for as King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun!” even all our technology really just gives us quicker mechanisms, but doesn’t fundamentally recreate human need, beliefs etc.) is the individualized nature of the Divine-relationship

Having just had the sad experience of watching some of the Republican debate and knowing the savvy lies of the democrats – Oy-Vey – but as we like to say – The good news is, that “we will say before the coming of the Moshiach ‘we have no-one but God, to rely on!'”

God is not a state, happy or serious, more like a guide, taking you through – if you want to hear – the trails, canyons, peaks, in the never-ending-sequence-of-life


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