Adam trained people to see themselves, so the world descended into theft, rape, plunder…

Abraham trained people to see God, so the world ascended into morality, goodness and kindness

The Baal Shem Tov to the Rebbe, trained us to care and assist

Reconstruction needs first destruction, unless you are willing to be silent

When we are young experience shows us that the world revolves around us, when we get old, experience shows us that we revolve around the world, but when we are between young and old, carpas-diem


Thanks for my parents who loved and cared for me

Thanks for my brothers and sisters, whom we all love

Thanks for roofs

Thanks for doctors

Thanks for democracy as opposed to tyrannical dictatorships

Our colossal error is (to paraphrase the Chassidic saying of the Rebbe Maharash) not realizing, that an infinite unlimited God, is not limited to the good he gave you, but wishes to give you ever more doses!

Like a soup mixed with chicken and herbs, with vegetables and of-course onion soup mix, it is the blending of flavors which creates the pungent aromatic and nutritious taste and feel; similarly, we begin as white as snow, blank like the white of a new sheet of paper, and time writes its recipes, experiences, lessons into our soul

Our need for security obviously increases with insecurity

Our need for love obviously increases with hate

Our need for money obviously increases with lack thereof

Our need for ego obviously increases with unwarranted shame


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