As we wish to never be judged

If you are alive

No man even the Messiah is king

I have found, that though I am not clever I am certainly not stupid and yet no one is wiser than the wisest of all men, King Solomon, whose truism holds true: Rely not on your understanding, rather God’s!

no one knows your capacity, both for the positive and breaking point better than God

to hate a hater is obviously to become

for the first two thousand years we lived in absolute darkness – there was only a zero sum game – people literally ate each other – then came Abraham who not only figured out there is but one God desirous to do good he had enough love to share – this began the two thousand years of Torah – revealing an ethical monotheism – it embraced the entire world, for even those countries not defined by judeo-christian ethics have largely been influenced (perhaps the only outposts of savagery are the Arab and some Africans) but all this was only a build up to the current times in which man without being superimposed upon but from his own feeling, heart and soul, will discover a personal God


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