Equally as important as doing right, if not more important, is not doing wrong, in other words, to help another while demeaning them, is, as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, akin to murder.

So it seems antisemitism isn’t dead – with antisemetic slurs being shouted in Germany, an ADL shocking poll of minimal but high levels of antisemetic feeling in many countries and particularly Arab – the truth is actually very simple – antisemitism is jealousy.

The reason we see ourselves, is because we don’t see God.

Exile is compared to a pregnancy, in which the fetus can see no other reality (as the joke, that one twin fetus, turns to its twin, “Do you believe in mom?”)

We are not heading to a destination – we are in the destination, which like waves of ever increasing awareness, consciousness shifts, is passing over us.

Many people today are searching for their genealogy – I don’t know if this is correct but my assumption is they are searching for an identity; which reminds me of the story of the Maggid (the successor to the Baal Shem Tov) who seeing his mother crying upon their little home going up in flames (as often there was such community fires then) he tried to placate her – “I am not crying about the home” said the mother “rather we had a family tree going all the back to King David which is forever lost” – “don’t worry mom” said the precious child “I will start a new family tree!” – and by searching, learning and teaching the truth he found, he certainly did!

Everything there is to know about God


In truth there is very little we can know about God

Without going into all the mysticism, philosophy etc. etc. this is the bottom line


a. God is compassionate, sensitive, loving

b. God lacks no quality nor ability


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