Once upon a time – to get Divine revelation you needed to be a prophet, of sterling character and all the incredible qualities Maimonides mentions – it was peoples greatest wish, with tens of thousands studying how to refine and prepare themselves – today all you need is to seek truth

The bottom line is so simple, I am not sure whether to cry or laugh – maybe just write another blog – o.k. best option – as Kabbalah teaches, we are a composites: we have a rational mind and an irrational heart (the center of our emotions, instincts, desires, mainly for pleasure and not for pain, but likewise we have from the Divine side of our soul, compassion and sensitivity) additionally we have an ego, a need for recognition and anger over being demeaned- and all hell breaks loose when people are angry – for essentially as all emotions which are irrational, hence renders us irrational, hence as for example the pleasure instinct causes people literally to give their entire family, lives etc. away for drugs, similarly, in the opposite, the anger instinct for revenge and even worse when jealous

The worst assumption you can make, is assume someone who looks like they know what they are talking about, actually has the foggiest notion

After we have been (God forbid) violated we must be validated – never ever underestimate this, for all studies, as to what works and doesn’t work in psychology boils down to compassion, and as one lady who trained thousands of laypeople on helping people recover from abuse said “you don’t need lots of training to heal another, all you need is compassion!”

Love and kindness are synonyms

Life is ironically so very simple, number one, people are loving; number two, if someone is not, then they have ceased to be a person

Life is a gift and if you didn’t get everything you desire, well it wasn’t part of the gift package


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