Too soft, too hard or something else?

People are either too soft – liberals, remember Chamberlain who made a peace deal with Hitler, remember Bibi who brought the PLO into Chevron, remember America who pressured Bibi; and no need to remember, but half of Europe rues the day they let in Arabs and other radicals who now believe those countries are theirs and their hosts should be following sharia!

To hard: remember Hitler who wiped out over 20,000,000 people, remember Arafat who caused untold death and destruction, remember the – which is going on now – radicals, who love death more than life, cruelty more than love!

You see, us humans are by-nature in-between two extremes – aka not that we are in the middle, but we are on either side of the spectrum of love or hate.

In truth, we must humbly accept that right and wrong usually demands compassion, but compassion itself demands, that at times we are tuff to protect the soft from the hard

Imagine you are enjoying skating on a frozen lake, when your friend comes to you and says, the meteorologist just said that “all ice is thawing” – what would your reaction be – normally fear causes a flight, but if you can’t flee because it is liable to cause you a worse reality, you freeze – so stuck there in middle of the lake, adrenaline pulsating, focusing you completely on the impending doom, your inner chi (your power) recedes, losing all belief in your ability to keep yourself safe – but what if another comes by and says, the meteorologist says, “it’s o.k.” – believe it or not, YOU are still not; for beyond the fact you are now secure, you have left behind the notion that you can secure yourself! – but in truth, that is part of destiny, for as long as we feel we are our own masters, our ego will harm those who deny us our perceived status (which is why people get angry) but the moment you succumb to truth, that you are no more in charge of your reality as a snail or an amoeba is, that your life is a fragile as any seed, your destiny as exact as any angel, your entire reality no more than a video screen, in that humility, you are willing to give your life for your essence

Listening into my brother’s class from JLI on happiness, an amazing point was taught – it’s not that we are worse off, it’s that as Helen Keller said: “those who can see are truly blind, for without appreciating the value of something”…

What are we willing to die for and shouldn’t we be wise enough to live for it

Between living and even dying for my convictions or having the best final terms without; which one should I prefer?

In this and only in this, the truth can always be evident – who is respectful?

I had occasion to meet a special forces marine – he was nicknamed by the radical Arabs in Iraq – while the conventional wisdom in the administration prior to Obama, that there is such a notion of evil – “hells angel” – suffering from ptsd, definitely – and here is the fundamental difference – the Arabs use the notion of human rights as a shield – for example, he told me, how four terrorists came to an army base and in cold blood shot from the outside, a few soldiers and as typical cowards, started to run – as a marksman he shot one, and another, in the foot, and so they stopped running and he brought them in to interrogate them – their claim is, that according to the UN he had no right to harm them – but his claim, that if he did interrogate them, more innocent lives would be saved and from his interrogation, 30 nests were discovered – the reason I write this is simple – either one of two realities exist: either we who believe in justice and kindness are wrong hence we must allow those who say we are evil to God-forbid annihilate us or those who believe in annihilating others are wrong; and justice and kindness – though it may not feel pleasant, though it may not be pleasant – orders (not authorizes but demands) we find the nest and as the American Government did, took out 130 terrorists that day- because in the end of the day there will be only one group standing


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