This Weeks Torah Portion Is the First Commandment To A Spiritual Seeker, Abraham!

This Weeks Torah Portion Is the First Commandment To A Spiritual Seeker, Abraham!

The father of a nation of spiritual seekers and the father of all future spiritual seekers – as our sages teach us – the episodes of Abraham’s lives are teachings for ours – hence the message must be at the very core of what it means to seek a connection to the Divine!

Ironically it seems so counterintuitive – for when we seek to connect to what is beyond us, we will naturally seek to let go of our identity, subsume it, within the greater light.

But in point of fact the words from God to Abraham were exactly the opposite “Lech Lichah!” “go into yourself!” but with a caveat, for God was not telling him to become “all that you can be : )” rather, “the mechanism to reveal your true self, a part of your soul you are not aware of, your infinite potential, an unlimited ability to grow, is to first leave yourself: leave the identity of who you are based on your culture, your family and your intrinsic nature – be ready to follow me blindly”

People are either loving, hating (hence trying to destroy) escaping or denying reality.

Motives – as it is impossible to act without having a motive, figure out why

Self/ish Pleasure Intercourse
Fame (which relates to ego)
People (as we are social creatures)
Intellectual Discoveries
Pain/Fear People (if we have been shamed hence we fear recurrence)
Security (mainly if we have ever felt insecure)
Physical pain (for example, it states in the Talmud “someone who burns his hand on hot water becomes fearful of cold water” i.e. water creates a possible fear of pain)
Ideal/istic Soul Unity
Goodness and Kindness

What makes people happy?

Why the Rebbe is the last Rebbe and will (hopefully) be the Moshiach

A story took place around the Farbrengen table of the Tzemach Tzedek (the third Chabad Rebbe) he clarified “The Baal Shem Tov took all the Jewish and Kabbalistic wisdom until his time and took it to the next level, following him, the Alter Rebbe likewise took all of his wisdom and took it to the next level” then Rebbe was silent and Reb Hillel Paritcher who was in attendance said “and the Rebbe took it to the next level.”

So we see there was a progression in the understanding of Divinity.

And based on the Sefiros, we know the Rebbe (our Rebbe) was the level of Malchus, which incorporates all the previous wisdom – but unlike the previous levels that have a vantage point – has nothing but the truth.

There is but one goal to life – e-pluribus-Unum – unity

If we who believe in love, spread it, at least as consistently as those who believe in hate…


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