What I have found

I have found, that men (and possibly the reverse is true too) don’t identify with women (meaning, see them as part/similar/same) (The reason marriage sometimes works, is because there is a identification with the self i.e. “my wife” and the reverse probably as well.)

I have found, that unless we are broken, we cannot be fixed

I have found, the belief, democracy is a religion (the sum total of truth etc.) is false

I have found, that Judaism operates in two stages (the classic and the advanced, vdal)

I have found, that based, both on science and Kabbalah, our world is simply a video game; it was plugged in, it is following its course – though of-course we are not aware – for the game is for us to become conscious, through the discovery that all we see is dark, hence search for the light

I have found, all negativity, is really jealous-hate, stemming from self-esteem issues

I have found, that as the verse states, “I will give you a prophet, as Mosses, in every generation” we had the Rebbe!

I have found, that chaos is an illusion; it is only, no-man can see an infinite plan!

I have found, that darkness is only for light!

I have found, that life is infinite, meaning, there is no destination, only journey, and it isn’t in a straight line – it comes in crooked twists, revealing interesting pit-stops, allowing us to learn something and off we go!

I have found, that it matters not at all what you have, rather, if you can say Thank-You!

I have found, trust is the only antidote to fear.

I have found, fear destroys our ability to love; for one closes, an otherwise open heart.

I have found, that love is identification – realizing-similarity.

I have found, if you love, you make the world happy : ) : ) : ) !

There is but a single answer to a lie – refuse to believe – acknowledge: some people have lost their moral judgment, and like any addict, when a desire is strong, and certainly when there is weak or no morality, they will easily lie, steal, cheat

We live in a world in which numbers are everything – we always want to know “how much?” – who beat who? – what was the score? – But imagine this – a number is only relative, for if I asked you “what was the score?” and you said “well, 1000 to 0,” it would be obvious, the game should never had been played (it was an unequal match.) So what is really going on, is, we have this narcissistic desire to beat.

In the end of the day, precious little do our convictions matter, as the best gps without four wheels will get you nowhere – so unless we a. have God’s convictions! b. are willing to overcome our predilections! (be they safety, pleasure, fear of shame or laziness) they are but amorphous, porous, like a dream

The souls truth – to all souls out there – I love, You love, We love – fears are but nightmares – nightmares are but dreams – dreams are not-real – so to love again, you must have faith – yes, true trust, like a child trusts his or her parents; true trust, like a duckling follows her mother; true trust, like the knowledge, the earth is strong and the air is oxygenated; true trust, that all that ever has, is, and will occur, comes out of God’s love!

To be loved, love

to be despised, despise

From the Headlines www.algemeiner.com Iraqi Politician Calls for Peace With Israel, Blasts Iran and Islamic State

I tell you, the Rebbe never fails to amaze me – so much of his predictions, things that are completely unfathomable, are coming true – one (though i should be ashamed to admit it) that I really didn’t believe, is the Rebbe said: that when Moshiach comes, they will happily give us the expanded territories – WHAT?! THE ARABS HAPPILY GIVING US LAND, OVER WHICH THEY CANT STAND US HAVING EVEN THE TINIEST SLIVER?!?  – but look at this headline

Iraqi Politician Calls for Peace With Israel, Blasts Iran and Islamic State

As we speak, now, besides Jordan and Egypt, both of who have greater love for Jews than Palestinians (both being subjected to the murderous radical Islam) Most unbelievable we have Saudi Arabia and Iraq – Saudi Arabia openly has declared ties with Israel – a country that sponsored and is still, most of global jihad; and Iraq too, are learning their lesson – When we look a bit deeper, Lebanon is inhabited by Iranian backed Hezbola, but certainly the Christians there, are pro-Israel (most notably, the Christian Arabs in Israel have also turned to Israel – some are voluntarily choosing to serve in the army) Morocco has always had good relations – Syria is a scrambled egg, as is Yemen, the smaller kingdoms will obviously follow the larger


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