Rectifying the original sin

in Chassidus (Jewish mysticism) it explains, that the sin Adam committed was not a sin of knowledge, rather a sin of passion – for angels too know of evil (the problem with eating the forbidden fruit – the tree of knowledge of good and evil).

Rather, a human being has within him a serpent, as we had occasion to mention: we are comprised of four primary faculties (drives) The serpent is the desire for agrandization (There is emotions (pleasure/pain,) intellect (objective wisdom,) and Divine (holy) Hence the tree of knowledge was dangerous for man’s psyche, for it gave him the knowledge of ego, haughtiness – by seeing other beings (it states, he looked into the dungeons of kelipos – haughty creatures) this awoke his own inner serpent – It is now five thousand seven hundred and seventy six years later, looking at the incredible repulsive trait called ego (the source of all squabbles, both small and global, for the haughty person “Must have HIS way!”) we can see how foolish to ignore a loving father

Imagine a maestro – who spins tops – Imagine a stage, on this stage are a thousand spinning tops – Now as this maestro is the world’s best top spinner, he knows how to spin each one – He knows for how long, he knows how to spin a thousand simultaneously – So, he who spun the tops, certainly has awareness of their every move!

In simple words, the messianic era, is when the heart of God, becomes the behavior of his children

Never ever, ever never, allow your desires to be stronger than your logic!

Who speaks from love – who speaks from jealousy (hence the desire to annihilate)

The greatest and most common mistake we make, is assuming, “the whole world can’t be wrong!” – in fact, the reverse is true!

As all of history – especially Jewish, amply proves – reason and logic are ineffective when dealing with unreasonable illogical hate


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