It is truly unbelievable but not unpredictable, heart-breaking but not without precedent – Jews killed in Kansas, for the single crime of being Jews!

It is unbelievable, for having grown up and spent a large part of my life in Kansas, I can honestly say, though perhaps my family being the most “Jewish family;” my father having been sent by the Chabad Lubavitch grand Rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, universally revered as the Rebbe to open the 8th branch of the now international “missionary” work of the Chabad movement in America…


Though we look the Jewish part – I’ll never forget when I was at the JCC where this shooting occurred, one Sukkos; requesting Jews to shake the Lulav and Esrog (for the Jewish holiday of Sukkois) one Jew from Poland refused to believe I was born in Kansas City and I needed to show him my birth certificate!


Yes we were and are, visible Jews!


Yet never once, until recently did I ever get attacked for being Jewish – not only that; but the gentiles of Kansas City are typical warm country folk; who display a ready hello, and offer of assistance to all.


And yet this attack is not without precedence – as recently as March 18th 2014th, just over 2 ½ weeks ago, the following was my blog, to my blog / website


“The other day – quite surprisingly really, as it’s the first time I ever heard it in America – I stopped by a petrol (gas) station and a car came past – “Dirty Jew” says the cowardly antisemite – so I looked with a big smile, knowing, how pathetically sad hate is, at them – “He’s laughing” was the stupefied reply! – you see, the best thing you can do to hate, is laugh; for it sort of, takes the punch, out of the punch!”


In other words, for the first time in all of my life, I was attacked verbally, as a Jew in Kansas City.


But as I walked to a UN conference on global peace, which I was invited to, just two weeks ago, March 24, titled “The Levant Initiative for Global Peace” in which Rabbis, an Imam, a Buddhist, Africans, an Arab and many other diverse people, unified for love, I was… was again! slurred.


Of course, I followed my policy, “Do not get angry;” I rather heartily waved to those who shouted at me.


And here is the punchline.


Though perhaps this is the first such violent, deplorable, depraved act in Kansas City; Jews have been attacked for millennia!


The great question of course is not, “what do women want?” but “what do antisemites want?!”


Do we go to our fridge if not in hunger?! Do we dial a loved one, if not in love or need?!


Why would one person, summarily, with no knowledge of the other, feel such a vicious hatred, as to kill them?!!


Let us be certain – this is not unprecedented – it is happening in Israel today, by so called peace loving terrorists – it happened to my great-grandmother and all her children and grandchildren besides three survivors of an entire family (my grandfather being one of them;) it happened to my great-grandfather, killed by the Jew-hating communists; my great grandmother, who starved to death in a communist prison, and her husband; beaten to death, by Russian rogues.


In fact, as long as there have been Jews, there have been anitsemites.


It happened to our ancestors, over three thousand years ago in Egypt – on a sickening institutionalized scale.


We are entering into our festival of freedom.


It pays to understand, the dynamic of what it truly means to be free, so we give terrorization, tyranny and malice not an iota of space!


You see, I have come to realize, what is at the heart of terrorism; and that is not, hate; it is jealousy – it is personal shame; and as we all have egos, hence, as in the much studied phenomena of bullying, the person who feels their dignity was raped by their father or anyone; will quite simply, carry a chip on their shoulder; and they will and do, attack anyone whom they think does not hold the same anger, resentment and misery in their hearts.


A few years ago, I was asked to speak at a pro-Israel rally in front of the Israeli Embassy in Manhattan.


I am not ashamed to admit it, I will say it clearly and openly: “The big difference between the Arab terrorists, and the Nazis; is the Nazis at least didn’t send their children to kill themselves.”


Coming back from that rally, we stopped off at a boycott / the BDS (which as Benjamin Netanyahu said from the UN podium, is really missing a D;) Palestinians (in truth, Arabs) protesting a store selling dead sea products – and the scene unfolded: from one side, Palestinians, in great moral indignation, condemning; together with them, of-course liberal Jews who gave their gracious, patronising acknowledgment; and us black bearded, black hatted Lubavitchers – and as protests go, when antagonistic groups gather, there being a shouting match – so I said to my brothers, “Come, let us dance and sing” – which we did – and the shock on the Palestinians, was more than if I had dropped a nuclear bomb on Mecca; they were stupefied, they couldn’t believe it!


We silenced them, through joy.


And this the simple psychology of hate – when I God-forbid hit you, your ego will tell you to hit me back.


That’s revenge.


But if I hate you, and you did not hit me, that’s jealousy.


And I must be honest; America has with the election of president Obama, descended into the vicious spiral of jealousy.


You can tell when someone is loving or jealous by a very simple mechanism – do they encourage, or demean? – do they compassionately uplift, or viciously denigrate? – you see, a great Rabbi of ours, known for his wit (and as one speaker who I brought to our Chabad centre when I taught at Chabad SUNY Binghamton, said: “we Jews have been called capitalists and communists, fascists and democracy free loving people, but no one called us stupid;” so if one Rabbi is known for his wit beyond others, rest assured much depth are in the following words:) “What’s the difference” Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk asked his disciples, “between someone who loves truth, or hates falsehood?” he clarified “The person who loves truth, rests not until he finds out the truth; the person who hates falsehood, rests not, until he finds falsehood.”


Kabbalah teaches, our hearts contain either love or fear – in fact, the primary message of Kabbalah, from the founder of Chassidism, Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov is “Fear no one or anything, by relying on God, and love unconditionally everyone!” – for the bullied becomes the bully, the demeaned, demeans.


Why? – for they become jealous of those who still love.


And so the answer to terrorism as I wrote after the horrific Mumbai massacres is never to fear – I write openly with no fear, everything I think – as you can see J – for I made a conscious decision to never fear; for if we succumb to fear, we can succumb to hate; and as that great guru Yoda said: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


But the flip side is: Love leads to unity!


And the question is, “How to love!?” and the answer is, as the Bible of Jewish mysticism the Tanya teaches: Love begins with loving ourselves – please I beg of you, with every fibre of my soul: to change hate we must love ourselves more! For as darkness dissipates in light, so too does hate dissipate in love; please understand, as I tell school children “you are not a body, you are a soul! Your soul is an extension of divine energy and if there is but one divine source – the basis of monotheism – we are all one, in many bodies!”


The evolution of man

We have certainly evolved

Not from monkeys, but from acting like monkeys

Monkeys work on what’s called opportunity

They, like children, will grab whatever they can with no regard to others

All we really need is a meaningful purpose to our lives

I am sure you felt it, that somewhat demeaning airport screening – remember when America was free?

From anger nothing gained, but invariably we lose everything

If we hate our enemy, we have become our enemy

If you encourage, people will listen!


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