I love you



You have nothing to fear


I made you


I know your pain


You are on a journey that every man goes through


It is called growth

Thank you – I know you hear a lot from me, but now is a time when I need to say thank you – I am alive when so many are dead – I am healthy, when so many are terribly stricken – I am prosperous when so many struggle for bread, my family is likewise alive, healthy and cared for – I have loved ones who I can say the same – I can be proud of my past, look forward to a glorious future, when many cannot; in short, if all the reeds were quills, if all the oceans were ink and if all the heavens were paper, we still would not be able to repeat writing these two words enough: THANK-YOU

If I had to share with you what I believe is the most important, relevant and truly urgent message, it would be – reality is not static – in fact it’s like a spiral – time moves along an exact predestined course – now is not the place to go into the details, rather the bottom line – the bottom line is, we are literally in the final moments of the darkness of exile and there is so much we can achieve now – for when you light a candle in a dark room, the joy, the pleasure, the eternal gratitude you earn is indescribable – once Moshiach comes my friends, when all the millions of great Jewish saints and saintly women return – when God’s love will shine like the sun’s rays! – will your love, will your charity, will your human touch, mean much?

Breath in, now breath out, breath deep, now exhale – you just did what millions, if not billions of people wish they could still do

Nothing that is alive is static, darkness only gets darker, but likewise, when we begin our journey to the light the light, only, gradually but eternally, increases

In truth everything is so simple but because we don’t want to know or don’t know where to find the truth we don’t



There are a number of realities


The first is the overall reality, God is unlimited, he creates you and me out of unconditional love, his greatest pride and joy is when we grow


Freedom of choice is necessary for growth (otherwise it would be God’s achievement, not ours)


Freedom of choice combined with growth means we go through a rat race discovering we are rats and desiring to become men, we search for the truth


The moment we begin this search, in a reciprocal fashion God will lead towards it.

Realize this and you realize truth, destiny, happiness, goodness ad-infinitum adjectives – there are three realities, two constructs, the third destiny, etc. etc. the first two are the alternative states, of either believing to paraphrase Einstein “everything is naturel or everything is miraculous,” but the third which is truth, is understanding, the same God created, both the natural and the miraculous, and uses them both like the finest artist, the most skilled craftsmen, the most intricate weaver, the most competent electrician, the smartest nano-engineer, to construct a paradigm, in which nature merges into the supernatural, while both exist simultaneously


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