Love is like putting on a red colored sunglasses, so whoever you see, they may be the most hate-filled person, you just see red – Hate is putting on say dark sunglasses, so whoever you see, they may be the most white loving person, all you see is dark – The only way out of this quandary, for to love those who hate, instead of stopping their fire, you elect them President and fan terrorism, as we see empirically (which is exactly also what happened in Germany) to follow Jewish mysticism – namely, one must fear no-one, love everyone, but simultaneously be aware

Many of us think – what can I do? – I hate to say it, but I think I now understand what the Jews in America were doing as Germany was slaughtering their brothers – they were under the assumption “what can I do?”- the answer is simple – either life is a physical or a spiritual reality – if it is physical, yes you would need to be the President of the United States in charge of the army and tell them to annihilate the Germans – but what if life is spiritual? – what if everyone of us can change the destiny through changing our own?! – in simple words, we should be aware that the desire to annihilate the Jews is as old as the Jews – wherever there is love there is always jealousy – for ultimately all people are born to desire to feel good and only when there is love can you feel good – And so the answer is simple, if there is a fire you must add water – In simple words, when jealousy spikes – now people who are jealous are people who not only received love (for if they didn’t receive love at some time they wouldn’t of developed any identity) but subsequently were hurt and hence developed a negative self-esteem (this of course creates jealousy of a positive self-esteem) and so by realigning our value system, away from, “what has life to offer me?” to “what can I offer?” we literally realign the cosmic destiny

Is your life meaningful – do you think…

I saw a sad recent Pew poll, that most Americans don’t recognize America (since Obama) Why? – the answer is simple, but it is subtle – the America I grew up in, the basic civility, which had an unwritten rule, “You don’t publicly shame, demean, insult” was abrogated- amazing, how one jealous sob, can c6reate such a devastating destabilizing effect, by ridding the foundation of human decency – but then again, isn’t that what hitler did

Whenever you see something truly evil in another, it is, as the Baal Shem Tov and Karl Jung say, only a reflection! – but going even deeper, what would motivate you to see? – You see, whatever we see, is based on what we want to see! – for example, I have no interest in sports – though there are millions, if not hundreds of millions who eagerly look at scores, I don’t think I ever opened a sports site! – when we are feeling happy, we obviously wish to continue to feel this way (this is why children or liberals (true liberals, not radicals) truly do not see evil! for their desire to remain happy prevents them from inculcating hence acknowledging evil which would cause unhappiness – But those of us who have been terrorized/bullied, who possibly are currently experiencing fear/anxiety, which is a miserable feeling, this creates a subconscious desire to make others miserable (for we feel it is not fair! – jealousy) Now coupled with the desire to make others miserable, is obviously not to be shamed, so the mind mixes these two desires (that is the job of the mind – to react to the feelings/desire of the heart) and comes up with a concoction – namely seeing evil in others – this then allows us to bully and demean them – not realizing, it is impossible to see a fault (or a quality) in another which you don’t have

Can it be – you see, there are two sources of Jewish law and lore – the Jerusalem and the Babaloynian Talmud – the Jerusalem Talmud reads like a structured well-designed book, while the Babaloynian reads like jumping into someone’s head – hearing sporadic bursts of insights – Yet Jewish law and lore follow the latter – Why? – You see, what may seem like a long winded conversation to you, is a perfectly choreographed sequence – The ultimate in Judaism of-course is the humiliation of the ego which occurs through the adherence to a wisdom beyond logic – however, that is not to say we need not feel good about ourselves – so God combines these two pleasures, through allowing us the ability to seek

A million humble people can be together – but not even two arrogant


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