The Way Ahead – My Solution For America (And By Extension The Human Race)

The way ahead is way ahead of our current notions – anyone who has any objectivity knows, either we are in deep spiritual, psychological and unfortunately, often financial crises or we are far worse, heading towards a nuclear armageddon.

But as long as there is life, there is hope.

I am not like Obama, promising false hope as a demigog, who knows that, “Everyone but I, am evil” and hence “Through my Lord and Saving Grace – if you have the absolute naiveté, foolishness and inexperience – to follow me, miraculously you will be saved.”

By now, as the election of the Republicans amply demonstrate Americans have woken up, are fed up and would like to see a positive future for themselves and the human race.

Here are practical things we can implement – of-course they are not me – rather they are paradigm shifts, allowing a better alternative to the current status-quo.

1. We need to increase democracy!

A recent study shows, that of 180 issues 0-3% (app.) accorded to the will of the people, a full 100-97% were special interest.

There is an adage in politics “Organized special interest always beats disorganized democracy.”

So it’s high time we use our democratic freedom in an organized fashion.

My proposal is, that we do what the founding fathers would have done had they had the technology and scientific know-how, namely to take 3 independent polls and aggregate through actuarial science the average result and then knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt what the majority of Americans feel on any and every given subject, create laws.

Some in the Obama administration feel Americans are stupid – I believe Americans are not – in fact stupidity is mainly a result of arrogance and Americans are humble, kind, compassionate, hence their minds are as good as their hearts, and their decisions, apart from being the only moral choice in governance, is no doubt to be, also, the only truly moral choice beyond the notions of individuals, who in best case scenarios, mean well.

There are two other benefits to this system, the first is the unity it engenders, for unity is based on identification, which is why democracies inherently respecting the right of individuals, hence making them feel important, and similarly creates much better harmony amongst its citizens; so more democracy means more unity and harmony; and the other benefit is, that by necessity it will mean, that all who wish to influence the American legislature will need to turn their attention away from pork to the legislatures, and use arguments which show their justification on moral and ethical grounds to the true legislators, the American people.

2. We need to invest in creating free solar energy for the world

In a single hour of sunshine, there is enough energy hitting earth for the world’s energy needs in a year. It is clean, it is free and most importantly it removes the ideologies of hate, financed by oil.

The means exist, all we need is the willpower.!

3. We need to get real in foreign policy.

a. We need to call terrorism by its name, mainly an Islamic ideology which believes for every “other” murdered, they get to have a free rape session in Mohammed’s heavenly forced Harem, consisting of virgins; which anyone dumb enough to believe that, is certainly dumb enough to kill themselves for it.

To beat terrorism we need to understand its cause.

Unlike Islamic apologists, it is not caused by the west – Mohamed himself was the first terrorist who beheaded Jews, savagely raped and brutalized women and as his protégées in the Plo and Hamas show, words are only tools to enable more terrorism!, never peace-treaties; as such, by understanding terrorists as a more virulent form of Nazism we recognize evil at its core and deal with it appropriately.

As the Talmud teaches “Pity on the unmerciful is to have no pity to the merciful.”

Practicality, we need to ensure terrorists receive no funds, no arms and ultimately no safe haven.

Additionally we need to get real and understand that people who hack their family members for perceived crimes against their honor, are incapable of living in law abiding societies and will only keep peace, when cruel dictators establish law and order.

As such, we should not get rid of dictators such as Assad, for the alternative, namely chaos and Islamic jihadist governments are much much worse! which means, that though we mustn’t support dictators but the foolish notion of supporting their jihadist opponents is also equally if not more reprehensible.

Check this out – link to article with headline “VP Joe Biden Cites Rebbes Teachings, Explains How Jewish Values Are Americas Bedrock”

Who else, feels loneliness, sadness, hopelessness, fear, need

It was oil which rose to the top It was oil that shone so bright It was oil at the heart of all It was oil that smooths it all For in the end of the day, a little bit of light, is all everyone needs

Because cruelty is cruel, doesn’t mean kindness isn’t compassion! for both emotions, namely hate and love, are real

The Ultimate Truth (and why people hurt my feelings)

The ultimate truth – is consistent with the ultimate reality

Why can people be cruel? – is there a deeper reason?

Are people just cruel?

But what about all the kindness we see?

So are some people cruel and others kind?

Were people born cruel?

Were they born kind?

Are they kind after being cruel?

Or cruel after being kind?

The truth is like this

We are mixes

We are fundamentally God’s light / soul, namely, compassionate and as neuroscientists have discovered, children are intrinsically compassionate.

But we likewise are not selfless.

We are not only, like every animal, instinctually hardwired to feel pleasure and recoil from pain (and hence get addicted to pleasure and phobic of pain.)

We also have – lower than all animals – an ego instinct, desire to be better than others and though we may not realize it, the reason we laugh at a joke which puts another down (rednecks etc.) is because we have an evil instinctual pleasure in feeling superior.

But the ultimate truth is, we are capable of disavowing our own evil pleasures, capable of overcoming our fears and capable of actualizing our Divine soul’s goodness!

(The proof is the many people who did and as everyone is born with similar instincts, the fact they did, proves its possibility!)

But the thing is, as Jung said, “There is no birth of consciousness without pain.”

No, we don’t change unless we feel the pain is greater than the pleasure; our fears less tolerable than our “comfort zone,” in, “better the devil you know.”

So to remove our comfort zone, something must shake us

Happy Chanukah check out


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