One of the fascinating things that the Rebbe would speak often about is three types of realities – there is what we would call reality, which is nothing but the video game that we have been born into – being a programmer… which is obvious in any event… – I can tell you that say the speed that a character moves in a video game, the speed that every single character, every single interaction… is all programmed – for example  all matter will change from a liquid to a gas to a solid based on the heat or lack thereof – so if oxygen was a liquid at the same temperature that water is, obviously we wouldn’t have air to breathe…, so there are many different elements – and they all have different points of evaporation and because of that we have air to breathe in, water to drink!!! so if you just think about that one factor – why does one thing evaporate at a perfect temperature…so if we don’t think, we are like a fool In The box that we were born into – The alternative reality  is to believe in God, knowing that all of this is just the program of the programmer – we turn to God and we pray – but that too in a certain sense is a mistake, because in a way we are trying to use God, whether it’s for our physical benefit or spiritual benefit, we may not actually be considering an infinite reality – which is God Wants To Partner With Us In This World To Continuously Make It Better

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