The Maagid on Parshas Nasoi

The Essence of Mitzvahs

A candle is fire and the essence of it, is its light – so too every Mitzvah, its essence is the love and fear of God – this is the first of the two, of the Ten Commandments – a. to love God recalling that He personally saved you! b. To not follow any other distraction (false pleasures.)


 If we are not altruistic, even if we do Torah and Mitzvos (but it is our own benefit we seek) we need to do a complete Teshuva.


To rise to God one must vest themselves out of the earthly trapping and go to the source – where you and God are one – if your heart loves God and reciprocally God love’s you, like a father and son who bonded together – one without the other cannot be – then to you God reacts (and all the angels and heaven are at your bidding – God himself happily fulfills your will.)


Moshe’s humility was such that though he was even below entirely above, He considered himself below the person who was the lowest below.

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