Rebbe – Mamer – Vayechi – Quotes

Mamer Rebbe – Vdovid Avdi – Vayigash 7 Teves

All Jews are like one entity.

The greatness of Moshiach is though he will teach Torah to Moshe Rabeinu, and the Forefathers, he will likewise teach to the simplest.

And as everything in the future redemption ( is a result of the Avoidah) in the present; hence the lesson to us is, we must teach people Torah.

The Rebbe says a very simple, obvious and vital thing; every parent’s job is to raise their children to Torah, Chupah, and good deeds.

Rebbe Mamer – Vayigash

Everything is revealed (“exposed”) though Torah.

By learning Torah, which causes a fundamental humility, thereby, when we do our Mitzvahs this reveals God.

Rebbe – Mamer, Vayechi


  1. Rueven relates to the Avodah, having such a deep contemplation in Godliness, that one can truly visualize it, b. Shimoin represents seeing God from afar (for, up close causes love, which has both a positive and negative) while when you hear about something – the distance creates a certain reverence, and finally Levi, represents the study of Torah – drawing God to us.
  2. Rueven Shimoin and Levi, are the three pillars of the world, namely Torah, Avodah and Gemilus Chassadim (kindness,) Rueven represents love, for when one loves God, one loves the Jewish people, for they are one; and Shimoin represents prayer, Avodah – while Levi represents Torah, for through the study of Torah, the Jew and God become manifestly one.
  3. From Rueven, Shimoin and Levi we come to Yehuda, which is humility (Shemoina-Esrei,) now though the essence of the Jew is always one with G-d, but the goal of-course is to have this essence shine (which comes about through Rueven, Shimoin and Levi.)
  4. And this continues (as the verse states…) that the fear of the Jewish people – through the Chein / love of the Jewish people (by righteous gentiles) will cause the enemies of the Jews to perish – this, in the final days of exile.
  5. So when the Jews study Torah, as it states, “The voice is the voice of Jacob” this causes that the good gentiles do all they can, to enable the Jews, and destroy the evil.

Rebbe – mamer – 5748


  1. When Moshiach comes, the essence of who we are, our soul (God) will be revealed.
  2. This is revealed through the Torah, and more importantly Mitzvos we did during exile.
  3. The exile in Egypt was a preparation for receiving the Torah, while the exile currently, is a preparation for the inner Moshiach Torah.
  4. Currently, we transform darkness to light, when Moshiach comes, this (the light we have, and will manifest through Mitzvos) will be continually revealed.
  5. Whenever we think something positive, especially if a Rebbe does, we then manifest it, especially if we say or do (which is why when prophets would receive a prophecy, they would also sometimes be told, to do something physical, for it then) manifests.
  6. Through speaking about this, especially as Rebbes have, especially seeing that the Alter Rebbe collected all the (primary points) of Chassidus in Tanya, and his books Likuitie Torah and Torah Oir are the foundations of Chassidus, we manifest Moshiach.
  7. Rebbe Mamer – Hayosheves biganim 5713
  8. In the beginning, there is but God – from the infinite infinity of the unlimited, all potential, as Kabbalah teaches, God created a vacuum (at least, for the perspective of the future creations) in this vacuum he placed a single infinite ray – this ray hits and is affected by vessels (containers, think of say, a colored light bulb, that then makes light red) these rays then mix and go into infinitely lower and lower levels, until it comes to physical – now the Avodah (service – work) of God’s name Yud kei vov hei – Yud represents the knowledge that all that we have is absolutely nothing – for relative to the infinity of God, all after that… so everything we know is actually zero – however, for this knowledge to truly create in one a feeling of “I am distant,” one must go even beyond the mind (for the mind is connected to arrogance) and hence the seeking of God, is not only a mind seeking, but it is the only – now, as the Torah comes from the essence of God, hence when we study Torah, we draw upon ourselves God, and this of-course leads to doing the Mitzvos, in fact as the Torah is the mechanism by which we know the Mitzvos, God’s ultimate desire, hence in actual fact, the Mitvos are far more Divine.
  9. When we study Torah, as our words are physical and Gan Eden is a spiritual place – there are angels that elevate our words – they polish and shine them – however as our words of Torah are God’s desire…, they actually receive light from these holy letters – nevertheless, it is just a ray; the essence of God will only be revealed when Moshiach comes (and as the Rebbe says, the simple essence of God, who is here for us all, is here.)

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