We are currently after literally, hundreds of millions of hours (collectively) in studies (if you count the time of the “subjects”) so I thought to myself, what are the greatest… most important… most life-altering conclusions – a. stress – really really really bad!!! (if you want to overcome stress, please read my book, under the “Kabbalah Love-Life Course” on our menu) b. Eating sugar, Eating processed foods (the stuff that companies make) Eating red meat; burnt foods; barbecued (anything cooked at very high temperatures – causes cancer) c. Not excersizing or a daily half hour walk (the body is meant to kill weaker cells (which happens, when we exercise and new healthy ones replace.) (Do we have to mention over four thousand studies, directly linking smoking to cancer.) However most surprising is what is positive! a. quite simply: Love! (again, please read my book Kabbalah Love – From Fear To Love) and b. the absolute absolute – what all of human history demonstrates – the entire purpose of man (as the wisest of all men, such as King Solomon declares) As we are inherently conflicted (as all philosophies, religions, etc. attest, whether you call it, the mind / body, or the good / evil etc.) unless we give up our ego and wholly adhere to the still small voice of G-d, or to the mechanism, how that voice gets transmitted, by asking a mashpia (please see the first chapter of my book) not only will we not lead positive meaningful lives, but the dark side – far more conniving and knowledgeable than you – far more adept at getting you to depression, misery, addiction (need we mention the stats) will destroy you

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