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The Rebbe’s Talk – Shemois 5752

The Rebbe teaches an amazing concept, that it says in the Medrash, that the Jews, when they went into Egypt, the Torah mentions their names; and the reason it mentions our names, is “for the sake of redemption;” So he explains, that the entire purpose of Exile is part and parcel of redemption, for the goal is to live in a redeemed State, no matter the surrounding environment!

It says, that the days of man are 70 years, which represents the refinement of the 70 emotions – for there are seven emotions, each one with 10, and the job of a person is to refine their emotions.  For-example, the emotion of love should be in the right direction, the emotion of fear should be in the right direction, the emotion of Winning, Harmony etc. etc.

The mission with the continuous help of God and of the Rebbe of the generation, is to bring people to an internal state of redemption.

From other Talks

The Rebbe teaches, that the way we elicit the highest spiritual and physical blessings, is by helping those who are at their bottom.

We need to realize that our essence of-course – our life! – is our soul, and our soul is really a spark of G-d.

In addition, everything that exists – even a rock – contains in it a spark of G-d (as we know from science matter = energy, and all atoms have a Divine soul, bringing it continually from a state of nothing, into existence.)

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