Quotes from the Rebbe, on this week’s Torah portion



When Moshaich comes, the infinite light of God – namely God’s infinity (which simultaneously deals with everything, both foreseeing its growth, and “dumbing down,” to personally lead) is revealed.


As this light is infinite (with no limitations,) hence all will be perfected.


Nachamu Nachamu which represents the descent of God’s infinity (as mentioned) represents, that this is literally God (Himself.)


As Moshaich is a state of infinity, hence the revelation of the Messianic Torah likewise (will be infinite.)


The completion of Moshiach is… – to preface – why did actually not Mosheh bring the Jews into Israel (as he desperately wanted…) the answer is that the fulfilment of all  that is good (the power of infinity) is when on one hand, man and simultaneously God work in tandem (for the former becomes internalized, while the latter is infinite) hence when Moshiach comes, we will have a. the benefit of man’s effort b. the benefit of God’s c. in a complete Israel (of all ten nations) d. and with all possible blessings.


The reason exile has such a long duration, is because the goal was that simultaneously we should achieve the benefit of man’s cognition (recognition of the Divine) and Divine revelation.


From the 15th of Av (when the nights get longer than the days) we study more Torah (at night.)


Everyone should obviously have, as the Jewish law: a schedule for their Torah study.


However the true dedication to Torah, is that it goes beyond any limited schedule.


As we are standing on the threshold of the infinite redemption, where all things will be infinite, hence we must add in our Torah and Mitzvos in an infinite measure.


We must do a (cheshboin-hanefesh) personal assessment, if our Avoda (Divine service) is in the manner of infinite.


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