Quotes from the Rebbe – Bahaloischa 21 Sivan 5729

The Medrash ralates: God said to the Jewish people “my candle is in your hand and yours in mine; my candle is the Torah and yours is the Soul, when you study Torah, I will keep your soul alive.”

It is the job of Aharon Cohen Gadol to light the Menora which represents Jewish souls with the heavenly oil which is the longing to be one with God.

Notwithstanding the fact that each and every Jewish soul in any event has this desire, nonetheless as it comes into the body, the needs, wants, desires, predilections of the body conceal this love – hence the need for it to be rekindled.

When we study Torah then this is the oil that rekindles our innate, though latent soul.

When a Jew studies Torah this elevates him beyond his current status to the status of even higher than his soul’s sublime level.

Why is Torah the oil that lights the soul especially considering how lofty a soul is-  the answer is that a soul is a lover of God, hence not God, whereas as God and his commandants are one, thus to do his commandments is to elevate.

Our sages teach that as descendants of Abraham Isaac and Jacob who were Merkavas – namely they were completely humble like a car that simply drives to wherever its driver takes it, hence at least latently within us is the desire to fulfill God’s desires.

Now the fact that one can fulfill God’s will due to loving God isn’t true humility for within love exists my ego, rather true love is like a servant who compels himself.

And through serving God as a servant as the self isn’t present -hence God is.

The Torah has two dimensions-  one is called small and the other large – for the trip from the finite realm the Halachos (details) to the infinite realm – humility (merkavah) and likewise from the pre-messianic Torah (nigleh) to the post / Chassidus is the ultimate.

Nonetheless as the laws of the Torah are Divine hence they are the ultimate in human subjugation/  achievement.

The highest level though is not even that one chooses to humble oneself rather the very fact that so has God commanded, compels.

Now this highest level far from eradicating identity is – for the soul and God are actually one ( hence being compelled by the force of God’s command to fulfill his will is our own true will) hence we simultaneously serve God with the ultimate in humility and joy.

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