Quotes From The Rebbe On This Week’s Parsha

Acharie Mois- Kedoishim 5750

  1. This Shabbos we read three Torah portions – achari mois – kedoishim – and in mincha emor.
  2. In all three Torah portions it speaks about the holiness both of God and the Jewish people.
  3. In fact we each, contribute to each others.
  4. Though Moses was the humblest person – he was not unaware of his talents – in fact he had to be – as it states, a Holy person (who represents the Torah) must conduct themselves with honor (as this brings honor to God, and the Torah – rather humility means not taking credit (knowing it is actually a Divine gift/mission.)
  5. We find a bizarre phenomena, that though it appears that the sons of Aharon were zapped by a fire from God, for offering in the Holy of Holies, a strange fire; Moses (to console Aharon) tells him that “They are greater than me and you,” and “this is what I realized would happen, that those whom God considered holy, would pass” – now Moses wasn’t simply being humble, so something deeper occurred… – the Ohr Hachayim Hakodesh explains, that the sons of Aharaon came to God with great Clois Hanefesh, “ecstasy,” the unity of intimate love to the extent that though they realized their souls were going to expire into God, they didn’t mind – so inherently this path of Rotzu (ecstasy) is not bad; rather their mistake lay in the follow up – for once we achieve a high, we must return to our mission.
  6. When Moshiach comes, every Jew will achieve, the holiness of the Cohen Gadol, and be allowed into the Holy of Holies at all times.
  7. When a Jew below acts in a Holy manner, he brings Holiness (kidush Hashem) to God.
  8. Being holy – following God is the very basic of the entire Torah, and what is achieved when we so do.
  9. In general there are three parts to Kiddush Hashem: 1. Is working with Mesirus Nefesh – in other words, doing the Mitzvah with complete sacrifice (for it – if necessary.) 2. The notion of separating oneself from debasness 3. Dedicating one’s life to God.
  10. In general there are three levels, the level of the Tzaddik who is involved only in holy matters, the level of the Benoini whose issue is not God forbid evil, but overcoming permissible indulgences, and the level of the Rasha that must overcome evil.
  11. Now the purpose of the descent of the soul is, for in heaven one knows not the true value of the soul – only when the soul comes to earth, and there realizing that it is a part of God below, rises above the foolishness of those who erroneously allow their animal to overcome them, do we see the choice of the soul.
  12. When a person realizes three things: 1. Your soul is a part of God 2. Sent into this world to withstand temptation and evil, 3. And as God is in you, therefore whatever you do, effects the cosmic reality – through this you have the power.
  13. This is particularly apt as we are in the month of Iyar which stands for Avrohom, Yitzchok, Yaakov, Rochel, the four legs (or wheels) of the Divine chariot, representing the level of complete submission, dedication, to God, but as it comes through Rochel, in other words, grounded in our reality.  
  14. This is also connected to Lag B’omer, Rabbi Shimoin Bar Yochai, as is known, he said, he bonded completely with God, that his whole life was absolute Divine service,  this empowers every Jew likewise.
  15. We need to pray for the coming of Moshiach, not only for our sake, but for the sake of God, for as long as the Jews are in exile, this is a Chilul Hashem, a desecration of the name of God.

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