Rebbe Ki Sisah – quotes

Everything that God does has a three-stage system, which is firstly there is the vision, the goal – then there are the steps to implement the goal, and finally there is the completion, which is the conclusion of the goal.

On a general level, the primary goal of God is that we through our efforts should bring about the Messianic redemption, hence there is the goal, there is creation and the giving of the Torah, and the thousands of years of implementing the Torah, which leads to the infinite redemption.

We have this in a microcosm on a daily basis, and that is we begin the day with the awareness that we are a Divine being, and we have gratitude to God, and we pray and we learn Torah, and then we go to our daily tasks, and finally we return nightly our soul to God.

In a personal macrocosm, we are born, and we spend the first years of our Life learning the purpose of it, through the Torah study, and then we marry and have children, interact with the world, and finally we return our soul, completing our mission, to God.

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