Sicha – Parshas Acharei 5750

1. When we act holy, this adds in the holiness of God and obviously in our own.

2. A Jew, particularly a Rabbi must know that they are awesome! because they have God within them, and they represent God!, of-course this doesn’t conflict with the responsibility to be humble, which means you realize that it is not Your greatness, but rather: if you were truly great, you would truly be a much much better representative.

3. The Orech Chayim Hakodesh says, that The sons of Aron, had Clois Hanefesh, which means that their souls were so enraptured by the sweetness, the Holiness, the light, the beauty, the Shechiblna, that they allowed themselves to expire into this Nirvanic bliss.

4. The mistake that they made was that they should have Channeled this love into Torah and Mitzvos.

5. However we do learn from them, and they opened up a new pathway, to connect infinitely with the Shechina.

6. Every Jew, through connecting to God, becomes not only as holy as the high-priest the Cohen Gadoil, but as God himself.

7. In fact, God’s holiness, like a parent’s honor, depends on ours.

8. When we make God the greatest on Earth, He makes us likewise.

9. A Jew has a constant command to make God holy through doing Torah and Mitzvos, in addition, that in all aspects of worldly Affairs, we conduct ourselves according to the guidelines of God.

10. Akavya the son of Mehalel says: Look at three things and you will never sin,” know from where you come – to where you’re going – and before whom you will give an accounting,” of all of your speech and actions on this Earth; “you come from a putrid smelly drop, you are going to a place of dirt and worms, and you are going to stand before the King of all Kings to give your soul account.”

11. Within each of us, there are three levels, the level of a Tzaddik which is when our soul is shining bright and therefore we are seeking Godliness and goodness – we also have the level of a Benoini, which is as the soul descends into the world to deal with physical matters and to transform them, and we also must reach out to those who are distant, to draw them closer.

12. The reason the soul comes to Earth, – for in heaven we have a perfect love for God, and would never sin – is because on this world, where we are challenged by Foreign desires, we have the great Mitzvah of Iskafiyah to self-discipline.

13. The greatness of a Iskafyia, is that by overcoming the Yetzer Hara, we become stronger than it.

14. The Holiness of God, through our becoming holy on Earth, penetrates us, and our body becomes one with His holiness.

15. We’re coming up to Lag B’omer, and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was the ultimate example of the unity of body, and soul – of God and man – as he said, on the day of his passing “All the days of my life, I was in one Oneness with God, and my body was only a mask for my soul” which was Divinity.

16. Rabbi Shimoin Bar Yochai enabled that every Jew can likewise.

17. Coming up to Lag B’omer we have to ensure that we have massive marches and parades, and everybody has to do whatever they can to bring as many Jews, especially children; and we have to be very happy, and show a role-model of our joy, and especially when we consider that these events bring about Jewish Unity!

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