Sicha – Acharei 5751

1. in order to understand the goal of Our Generation, which is to bring Moshiach, we must understand the name Geulah, for the name (Redemption) in Hebrew, represents the essence.

2. The word Geulah has in it the word Goilah / exile, except for the letter Aleph, which means, that by bringing God into the current reality, we create the Redemptive reality.

3. Redemption doesn’t mean abrogating reality, rather, through the complete understanding of the value of each part of reality, as part of a cosmic whole, we redeem, Elevate, and spiritualize.

4. Our main objective is not in an amorphous future, but through transforming, refining, elevating and maximizing our current spiritual / physical existence – therefore we automatically create Redemption.

5. The Mishnah says “look at three things and you will not come to sin,” in other words, a person can think that only two things matter, which is themselves and God and that relationship – but the truth is, that the Reason God Made You and this world, is because He wants a dwelling in this world! – in other words, that we need to take responsibility for continuously improving our self, and the world.

6. Moshiach is the result of our positive efforts.

7. This is connected to Sefiras Ha-omer, because Sefiras Ha-omer, is the whole idea of transforming our negative, to positive – emotions.

8. In the current Messianic era, every Jew is capable of reaching the Holiness of the Cohen Gadoil, and always being both physically and spiritually wealthy.

9. As it is our job to bring Moshiach, and when you work for God, God gives you the ability.

10. This also answers the question of some – who being open people can’t help but Express themselves – namely, Their Fear that when Moshiach comes, what will happen with their businesses and their connections – the answer is, that everything that God did He’s done for his glory – in other words, the business is part of redemption, for it gives the ability to give charity, to help people etc. Etc.

11. As we approached Moshiach, we find that the world, the nations of the world, are actually assisting the Jews, and what we need to do, to bring Moshiach.

12. Another sign of the coming of the Moshiach, a time when the Gentiles will have Justice and kindness, and one of the primary purposes of man, namely, giving Charity and education, is whereby, U.S. Government, feeling sorry for Africans caught in a flood, sent its army, with no direct benefit to itself, to help with clothing, medicine, Etc.

13. The bottom line is, we must make a Soul accounting, to make sure, we’re doing whatever we can to improve the world continuously.

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