The Rebbe’s Talk – Shabbos Parshas Mikeitz 5752

Oil – Chassidus

Bread, water, wine and oil, represent four levels of Torah, the first two revealed, the second concealed,and wine represent the secrets, while oil, the very essence.

Revealed (Nigleh) Concealed (Chassidus)

Specifically bread and water are necessities (for life) while wine and oil represent pleasure(s) –hence in order to be a religious Jew, one first must know the laws(which were revealed.)

Chassidus – Divine Pleasure

The secret/inner part of Torah is knowledge of spirituality which then creates (like wine and oil)greater pleasure (certainly in Divine worship.)

Kabbalah / Chassidus

Wine is drunk, though not like water, but for example on Shabbos and Yom Tov, as a drink – in contrast, oil is used, only as a minimal garnish.

This represent how “sacred oil”represents (as its revelation can only be imbued (never completely revealed.)

Why Chassidus Was Now Revealed

Now we can comprehend why the highest level – oil – specifically is related to Chanukuh (which we don’t have any feast connected to bread, water, wine) for though it comes at the darkest period – but the evolution of the revelation of Divinity / spirituality, follows, that the darker it gets, to counteract and inspire, the greater the light/revelation.

Jewish Vs. Greek Philosophy

Just as the essential war between the Greeks and the Jews was philosophical – for though they respected wisdom (after all, they had great philosophers) they rejected Divinity – and hence the Jewish people whose wisdom is based on obedience (for this is the only permanence, as opposed to whims,trends etc.) hence the miracle was the revelation of the pure oil.

Chassidus and Nigleh

Oil as mentioned, needs to integrate into a food – similarly, when one mixes the study of Chassidus with the revealed dimension, one ensures the Torah gets beyond the realm of mere habit or intellect.

Chanukah and Yud Tes Kislev

The main miracle of Chanukah reveals itself in Yud Tes Kislev (the foundation of the revelation of Chassidus in a logical way) for while Chanukah, the Divinity of the Torah manifested, nonetheless, it was still, as mentioned, oil mixed with bread, however, for Yud Tes Kislev, the oil itself became its own drink.

Chassidus A Light In Darkness

 Similarly (in continuation with the idea, that as the darkness of secular wisdom increased, so did the light of spiritual) in our own time, this dynamic has inter-played –a concrete example, is when the assimilationist group “spreading’ enlightenment’” began, the Rebbe Rashab established, a Yeshiva, in which the study of Chassidus, would be on par with the study of Nigleh, and this has continued in ever increasing measure through the next Rebbes – to the extent, that Chassidus has been translated and spread to the most distant places.

Chassidus, Paving The Messianic Era

 The main reason for the revelation ofChassidus is actually as preparation for the messianic redemption,where this will be the primary learning.

Why Darkness Is Asserting

[As the dark side, which will be removed in the messianic era, so opposes this holiness; hence,likewise, the increased darkness; necessitating Moshiach, who has already conquered (as we see, say, in the demise of Russia.)]

Moshiach # 8

 This is further emphasized in the eight candles of the Menorah, which represents the number of Moshiach (the infinite that can permeate.)

Moshiach Is Here

 Since Yud Tes Kislev, this revelation began (in earnest) and continued to the establishment of TomchieTemmimim, and culminates, how in our time, Moshiach is here, and we need but open our eyes (and recognize.)

Believing and Anticipating Moshaich

 As we are currently on the threshold ofthe complete and final redemption, hence we must absolutely increase daily (as the lesson of the Chanukah candles) in our anticipation and belief (which hastens his arrival.)

Feeling The Lack Of Redemption

 Furthermore, as long as Moshiach is not actually here, we should feel as our life is lacking.

Spread Chassidus

 And the main thing is spreading the teachings of Chassidus.

Teach Chanukah

Furthermore we must increase Chanukah awareness as well.

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