The Rebbe’s talk – Parshas Vayeitzei 5750

Far greater to sin and change, for then we know your inherent state, is in the right direction.

2. The ultimate goal of Avodah, is not to disassociate from evil, but to transform everything to its highest potential.

3. Jacob is the example of a person, instead of ignoring evil, goes to Laban the Aromite, deals with Eisav, and goes to Egypt and comes out on top.

4. Jacob has a benefit a. Tzaddik B. Benoini c. Rashsha, as the Tzaddik has the benefit of never sinning, Benoini has a benefit of overcoming, and Rasha has the benefit of transforming.

5. In our own life, we have the part of us that is a Tzaddik, which our soul is naturally attracted to good things; the part of us that’s a Benoini, in which we have the power to overcome our negative, and the part of us that is so challenged that we will fall, but then we will resurrect / Teshuvah.

6. It is Forbbiden to give up on any Jewish child.

7. Our job is to raise every Jewish child to learn Torah, get married, and do good.

8. This applies so much more to the Children, captured by the stupidity of modern culture.

9. We all have the ability to free ourselves.

10. Once we achieve one positive level – compared to the next, this is as if we are tied up.

11. We have finished all that needs to be done to bring Moshiach.

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