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Understanding Women – The Kabbalahs Perspective

Dear Women and Men,

In this age of feminism it is really dangerous to assert anything but the falsehood that men and women are exactly the same. However as you already know this is patently false. Every study indicates that this is not true. The people who argue in favor of this delusion, report, that it is because of “cultural influences” that men and women act differently but as you already know that too is not true. Men and women differ not only psychologically and physically but also in physiologically with women’s brains being larger than men’s and having different innate capacities like language for women etc.

Essentially feminism tried to correct a wrong, the wrong of male dominated societies. This wrong needed correction, however the answer was that women basically burned bras and tried to climb the corporate ladder and many many women today want to be women.

This booklet will teach you how to be a woman.

Being a woman is not a bad thing but a great thing; women posses innate G-dliness and spirituality according to Kabbalah. In fact there are many ways men need to be like women such as convincing people instead of aggression etc. However there are ways women need to be like men, e.g. asserting themselves for the right thing.

I will include a chapter from Towards a Meaningful Life called Men and Women. (By the way there will be many other chapters in this insightful book which you will be interested in such as Home and Family – Building a Garden for Yourself and for G-d; Intimacy – The Sanctity of Sexuality; Love – The Purest Expression of the Soul and more.)

“It is a great challenge to achieve the proper blend of masculine and feminine energy. We live in a time when the materiel world supersedes the world of sublime in many people’s eyes. When ego and power prevail, style takes precedence over substance, form over spirit, the true and healthy balance between man and woman becomes distorted. Their distinct energies, rather than being integrated toward a unified goal, become amplified and serve only to separate them.

When we place more emphasis on the material than the spiritual, the masculine and feminine energies begin to diverge and the male assertive energy is inclined to dominate. When we value external power and control, over the hearth and family, when we value aggressive business tactics over sensitivity and wisdom we are placing a higher premium on a man or rather on the parts of the man that find this form of expression comfortable. We thus create an environment where masculinity dominates and is valued most.

Inevitably, both man and woman suffer from this distortion of priorities, but it is women who feel its brunt, for a woman’s primary strength lies in the subtle and sensitive.

Some dismiss or underestimate these strengths, misinterpreting them as vulnerability; this distortion, and men’s subsequent abuse of the distortion, is the most compelling reason for today’s feminism. And, indeed, it is warranted.

Though feminism rightfully calls for an end to male domination, and for equal rights for women, it is vital to get to the root of this distortion – that our focus in life, as man or women, must not be to satisfy our own ego, our needs, but to serve G-d.

True women’s liberation does not mean seeking equality within a masculine world; it means liberating the Divine feminine aspects of a woman’s’ personality and using them for the benefit of all humankind.

Women need to clamor for their right because the world insists on it for its cosmic well-being.

But many women, just as any men have succumbed to the growth of matearlistic values at the expense of spiritual ones. The women movement has accomplished much tangible good, yet it has stunted its own potential by failing to address the root problem. The feminist fight for equality and validation on masculine terms ultimately fuels the power struggle between men and women. Instead of using their distinctive traits towards a united goal, they often simply fight for domination, fostering deep resentment.

The only healthy response to such a standoff is to reintroduce spiritual values into our lives – to reintroduce humility, to learn to recognize and appreciate the innate personalities of men and women, to see them as complementary halves of the same whole serving one G-d.

This is not to say we should abolish careers and forfeit the opportunities presented by contemporary life; rather, we must refocus our priorities. Instead of seeing the workplace as the core of your existence, instead of seeing money as the richest reward, you must see who you really are: a man or woman created equally by G-d to use your particular strengths to improve the world. For some, this might mean considering a career that enables them to enhance their family life rather than comprise it. For others, it might mean taking time from work to pursue their own spiritual growth, community work, or humanitarian efforts. Some people may find themselves happier and more fulfilled dedicating themselves to educating their children at home, a trend that is intensifying as of late.

As we become more spiritually orientated, our appreciation for the responsibilities of building a home life will continue to grow. After all building a home – transforming the materiel world into a G-dly home – is the purpose for which we were created.

But whether you pursue a career outside the home, make your home your career, or fuse the two, it is vital to reassess your priorities in life, and concentrate on your role as a man or a woman under G-d.

Women, because they are more sensitive to spiritual energy, must spearhead this new awareness. This would be the ultimate feminist revolution – to topple the walls that separate spirit from matter, to lead the rebellion to a state in which there is a true harmony between the masculine and feminine energies.

For this to work, men and women must realize their respective equal roles and strive to complement each other in their shared struggle to improve life. “

In other words there is a higher calling: that every human needs to elevate themselves and the world around them into a G-dly and holy place. This calling is all about raising spirit over matter, G-liness over matearlisim and women are in fact very suited and perhaps better suited to this task than men for they innately feel this reality and truth.

Women can and are spearheading this reality. I know in my own life, my firm belief in G-d actually comes as a result of my own wife’s firm belief in G-d. It wasn’t something she taught me or even showed me, it was simply from seeing that this is her belief and realizing that it is possible to believe like this.

So ask yourself this question: Are you being true to your nature or are you contradicting it in order to succeed in the materiel world? Learn about what it means to be a man or a woman, about masculine and feminine energy. Learn to live up to your potential, to balance these energies to lead a productive and meaningful life – a G-dly life. And finally learn to respect your male or female counterpart.

After so many years of male dominance, we are standing at the threshold of a true feminine era. We are witnessing a return to higher values; we have recognized that materialism cannot make us happy, that an exclusive materiel life and a meaningful life are in contradistinction to each other. We have seen a resurgence of feminine energy, of the power of the serene.

It is time now for the woman to rise to her true prominence, when the subtle power of the feminine energy is allowed to nourish the overt power of the masculine energy. We have already proved that we can use our strength to slay the demons around us; let us now learn to unlock the G-dliness within.”

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in understanding women is seeing them as being different to men. Yes there are emotional and soul differences but the truth is that they have more in common with men than people realize.

That being said I will now discus Kabbalistickly the dominant features of a woman’s soul which give her, her unique characteristics.

I will start from the top down.

The dominate part of a woman’s brain is Binah. Binah is comprehension and understanding. Our sages say that G-d gave a woman an extra measure of Binah. This is clearly seen in the fact that a woman’s brain is larger than a man’s so she can study and comprehend better than a man. (As mentioned in A Guide To Marriage For Ladies men are better at innovation than women are however when it comes to languages reading and writing which is a comprehension issue women are better than men. As also explained there women have a better sixth sense which can also be attributed to a better understanding of the world around them which allows them to compare things to more situations giving them a better sixth sense.)

The next part of their soul is Gevurah, Gevurah refers to Din / judgment. Women tend to be more judgmental (which is always a bad thing for it often means that they have a higher standard to which they are judging people at.)

The last unique part of their souls which is also the most obvious feminine soul feature is Hod. Hod is radiance. Women radiate they are beautiful they like beautiful things and this also spills over to their relationships. Beauty is the combination of various colors creating a beautiful picture; a single color can hardly be called beautiful. So while men tend to be a bit more independent (due to their competitive streak) women love conversation, unity, harmony, which is really a great thing for there is nothing better than harmony love unity etc.

One of the things people often overlook in their judgment of women is a woman’s need for security which is very great. This is both a physiological and a psychological need, for the reason, that they need to have a safe if not sterile environment to bring their children up in. A lot of what women do is actually all about getting that security so their children can have a safe environment, very much like a mother bird builds and cleans her nest.

The instinct to clean the house comes around certain times of the month showing the link between a woman’s physiological ability to have a child and their need for a secure environment to bring the child into.

There can be no greater contribution to humanity, no greater achievement than actually bringing another human into this world. The woman is solely focused on her child, trying to create a healthy happy and moral human being. Society takes this exceptional dedicated and responsible life-commitment for granted, but as a woman knows, it actually is harder than the hardest job anyone can do, it takes far more dedication than any other job and is far more rewarding than any other job.

Spiritually speaking women are also more attuned to the spirit, to G-d, to goodness and kindness than men. All in all women must know that they are the purpose of creation, their essence embodies G-d. They can choose to try to be like men or realize that men should try to choose to be like them.

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  1. What s great article- it resonates so true with me. It is incredibly hard to be a woman in this world, not to say more. Thank you very much.

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