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Understanding Darkness

In this weeks Parshah we find a very strange phenomena, it begins that  the children of Israel went into exile but the Medrash (a commentary on the Torah / Bible in which most of the secrets of the Torah are concealed) says that the reason G-d mentions the names (despite the fact it was already mentioned earlier ) is to tell us that the reason they went into exile was because of redemption.

How is this possible, the Rebbe queries?

Does one go into exile to go BACK to Israel?

Understanding this secret reveals well just about the entire plan of destiny.

History and destiny are the same thing but looked at from different angles.

History is the human looking back while destiny is G-d looking forward.

Of course between history and destiny is the present.

So what is more true, history, the present, or destiny?

We must say destiny, for the purpose of any action is of course the intention behind the action, namely its ultimate realization, the final reality that the history turns into, namely destiny.

So looking through G-d’s purpose we must wonder what would be the logic of putting people in exile in order to bring them right back to where they were.

The answer is so simple that it is almost laughable and it is that King Solomon teaches us that one cannot appreciate light unless one first tasted darkness.

Our entire world is namely an exercise in helem (olam miloshoin helem) a dark place, where truth, G-d, certainty is hidden until the coming of the Messiah.

In other words, its not that the Jews didn’t have G-d, they already did, but G-d deliberately put them into Egyptian culture (to the extent that when they were saved the angel of judgment complained “both the Egyptians and Jews are idol worshipers, why save one and drown the other”) so it was G-d’s will to erase the light – just a soul goes into the darkness of this world from the brilliance of heaven – for the simple reason that the subsequent revelation – a revelation that already somewhat existed, can now be appreciated.

Our generation parallels the time when the Jews were in Egypt and we can identify, well, our entire reality, by understanding this same dynamic in our lives.

Jews for literally four thousand years knew about their value system, G-d, their destiny etc.

Then following the holocaust when displacement sent Jews everywhere, when the tyranny made many doubt their past, a subsequent generation born smack into the atheistic world was born.

We are the very same Jews –according to Kabbalah – who lived in Egypt and culturally we are not idol worshipers, but western materialism worshipers.

But it is precisely this darkness of lacking truth, of lacking G-d, of lacking our faith, of lacking our very essence that will bring about – and does bring about – the greatest joy by each and every Jew and Jewess when the revelation of God in the messianic era will lift them out of the darkness of meaningless, lift them out of the confusion, out of the depression, out of the stress of needing to make a living and besides the incredibly higher levels of God that we will achieve; more importantly, we will love it, so every moment of exile was destiny.

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