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To be free


Once upon a time people were slaves


They felt they just had to do what their masters told them


You see their masters were intolerant of disobedience


At the slightest hesitation they would pull out a cruel punishment


Disobedience was tantamount to the cruelest of deaths


You see the slave is you, the master is your body, and the prison is your personal hell


Why have literally hundreds of millions of people born, into the freest society ever created by man, a society that allowed people to indulge with no consequences, choose religion, God, structure, meaning, purpose???


For to be in prison, even if you are your own master, your own body condemning everything you do that disobeys its narcissistic desires for pleasure, and no pain, for pride and no shame, you are not only enslaved, you are in the greatest slavery possible!


For even in a prison, that another places you, if your heart is in heaven, and your eyes have the fire of a soul knowing why he was put there, as many refusnicks and Chassidim reported: their most free days was in the Russian gulag; for there they truly felt their innate goodness, knowing how every moment of hell was a moment of bliss; for in hell they saw with crystal clarity that their cause was just, the enemy unjust, and they knew, as truly occurred, that God would change the circumstance, their cause would triumph and the triumphant oppressors would meet an untimely annihilation – if not in person than at least in philosophy.


To be put in a prison in which you throw away the keys to your own freedom – can there be a hell greater than that, a hell created by your own passions, condemning your own soul to a dismal life of misery, of meaninglessness, of aimlessness.


No; there is no greater prison then the man who throws away his own keys!


And this my friend is true freedom – true freedom lies not in doing what we want, but in having the strength of character to do what we believe in.

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