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The way I see it


The way I see it everything has an inside and an outside, a picture and a purpose, the “style” and substance, the physical properties and the spiritual properties.


So to understand our reality we need to get out of our limited sensory tools namely sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, all of which can only perceive what is visible, what is auditory, what the tongue can taste, the hand can touch, and the nose can smell.


No different from the senses a dog has, only a lot less.


We need to get into the inside, the purpose, the substance and the spiritual properties and then and only then, can we understand.


Now how does someone limited by these senses perceive what the senses cannot?

The answer is simple, you need to listen to someone who can speak, see, hear, taste, experience the extra sensory information, namely the Rebbe and all the Tzaddikim whom God raised them to a different level so their sight literally includes God, literally includes things that we cannot see, not to mention that God gave them prophecy so they could literally see the future as we see the present.


The Rebbe teaches us that exile is for redemption, darkness is a sign of the coming light and most  importantly that God himself is uniting with all people – particularly through the Jewish people – that the infinity of God himself will be revealed in the entire physical plane which really hides the fact that it is truly the infinity of God concealed.


Ultimately why did God create all this dichotomy of the higher to unite with lower, to manifest a grater reality then God himself namely the level of harmony, of unity, which can only take place if God put himself into bodies namely our soul and then taught us the Torah, Jewish mysticism which gives us the gumption to rise above our bodies to see through the eyes of spirit to see through eyes of the Rebbe the fundamental unity, the God behind all the outside, the picture, the “style” and the physical properties.

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